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Rauner commits to signing sanctuary bill




SPRINGFIELD – A group of pro-immigrant advocates met with Governor Rauner and say that he committed to signing SB 31, making every public school, hospital and more community sites places where employees are forbidden to ask citizenship status. 

That includes any Secretary of State office in Illinois – where drivers licenses are issued and voter registration takes place. (READ the four questions Illinois Review asked FAIR

From a press release issued today: 

“At a time when many are scapegoating immigrants, Republicans and Democrats are coming together in Illinois to reject xenophobic rhetoric and policies,” said Andy Kang, legal director at Asian Americans Advancing Justice | Chicago. “We want to thank the Governor’s team for working with us in the lead-up to this announcement, and we look forward to the signing ceremony.”

Under the TRUST Act, local police cannot comply with immigration detainers and warrants not issued by a judge. Local police also cannot stop, search, or arrest anyone based on that person’s immigration or citizenship status, according to CapitolFax.

At the same time, Attorney General Jeff Sessions is warning that federal funding will soon be cut off  from municipalities and governments that are exercising sanctuary status. 



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  1. Sure, why not? Illinois’s a cesspool anyhow, so what harm will a few thousand more turds do? Let the illegals continue in their illegality, and meanwhile put the screws on honest, hard-working citizens – you know, those suckers that constantly pick up the tab for all the illegals. Glorify the illegal aliens, whose motives absolutely cannot be questioned one whit, and keep on crapping all over the citizens of the formerly great state of Illinois.

  2. If I have to. I will vote for a Democrats to get this person out now. Illinoisians first, my dollars are for citizens of the state. Not sanctuary illegals. Ruaner your out, start looking for a new job.

  3. It’s too bad because it’s going to cost Illinois when the Department of Justice and other Federal agencies pull their grants to Illinois. It’s a bad day for the working middle class taxpayers, few that are left, in this state. Bruce, signing into state law noncompliance with Federal law is going to nip your – rear end. I already plan on voting for whoever runs against you in the primary.

  4. Why not fill this useless state full of drug dealers, prostitutes, and terrorists. They would fill this state with problems. When we lose our government funds, we can just shut this down. I thought you wee trying to improve this state. SB31 is wrong and so are you!

  5. He is a traitor to the taxpayers of Illinois if he signs that bill. He will gain the hate of every honest hard working taxpaying citizen in this state and will only empower The corrupt Chicago machine.

  6. Preckwinkle, Cullerton, Madigan and Rauner all working together against the citizens of Illinois.
    Vote for all pro Trump Candidates in the next election.
    Come to Joe Walsh and find a candidate with high morals to support in the future to add to Joe list of approved candidates.
    God Bless Illinois
    Carl Lambrecht

  7. Well he lost my support. I will not support any candidate who puts immigrants and illegals before his own citizens. Illinois has become a cesspool of corruption. Rauner you should be ashamed of yourself.

  8. The State of ILL. cannot afford the law suit vs the Federal Government this bill will bring. The state needs to pay off unpaid bills, reduce spending, stop the mass shootings in Chicago, fix the road system and deal with lowering property taxes FIRST.
    This bill is a waste of time and recourses, it will do nothing to protect the public safety.
    The conservative base of the Republican Party will not back the Governor if he signs this bill, which will give the state of ILL. another Democrat Governor. Time to move to Wisconsin or Indiana folks.

  9. Gov. Rauner. Do not sign that bill. We do not need many more illegals living off of our tax dollars here. If you sign this bill and make it law it will worsen even more the lousy financial situation here in Illinois. Gov. Rauner if you sign the bill you can forget about running for re-election because you can not win. Unless you decide to run as a Democrat.