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Rauner confirms support for abortions




SPRINGFIELD – Oregon became the first state to make all abortions free when their Democrat governor signed a bill into law Monday. Illinois could become the second state if Governor Rauner signs HB 40 into law.

Republicans gathered at the State Fair Wednesday to celebrate "Governor's Day" and when reporters asked, the governor didn't say directly what he plans to do with a bill sitting on his desk that will cause Illinois taxpayers to pay for all abortions.

However, Governor Rauner did tell reporters that he "strongly supports women's reproductive rights, and that he always has and always will," Terri Koyne of Benld wrote on her Facebook page.

"When Rauner was asked today if he was going to sign or veto HB 40 (using taxpayer's monies to pay for abortions), the governor responded that he STRONGLY SUPPORTS women's reproductive rights, that he always has and always will, and that he will fight to protect them," Koyne said.

Koyne, who recently resigned from her role as Macoupin County GOP Chairman, said if Rauner chooses to sign HB 40 into law, Republicans concerned about social or fiscal issues may have a difficult time supporting him in 2018. 

"If he signs or allows this bill to become law and you are a social conservative, this should be enough to say that you can no longer support him," Koyne said. "If you are a fiscal conservative, this should be enough to say that you can no longer support him." 

Those following the stories about the governor's wife being heavily involved in policy-making and strategizing for his campaign are reminded how adamantly pro-abortion Mrs. Rauner has consistently been. Even during the 2014 campaign, Mrs. Rauner appealed to pro-abortion supporters and the Rauners have been generous to pro-abortion groups such as Personal PAC and Planned Parenthood. 


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