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GOP 10th CD candidate pre-empts Schneider’s endorsement withdrawal



GOP 10th CD candidate Jeremy Wynes called on Schneider to denounce Biss team

EVANSTON – Days before Congressman Brad Schneider withdrew support for Democrat gubernatorial candidate Daniel Biss over Biss' pick for lieutenant governor, a Republican 10th CD candidate urged the Democrat to denounce Biss.

Last week, immediately after State Senator Biss' announcement that Chicago Alderman Carlos Ramirez-Rosa was to be his gubernatorial team running mate in 2018, IL-10 GOP candidate Jeremy Wynes called on Schneider to condemn Biss as a "socialist-hugging governor candidate."

"The problems facing our country are too important to be held captive to the extreme elements of one party or another. My vision for what Illinois needs, and what the 10th District demands, is political moderation, fiscal responsibility and a pragmatic reform agenda to spur economic growth and get our finances back in order," Wynes said on his campaign Facebook page.

Wynes, who is an activist in the Jewish community, said by Schneider's actions and endorsements this year, the federal lawmaker apparently has a different vision for Illinois. With Illinois already broke, Wynes said Brad Schneider has decided that what the state needs is an avowed Socialist helping run state government.

"Schneider wants his constituents to vote for a gubernatorial ticket that includes Carlos Ramirez-Rosa, an avowed Socialist and far-left Chicago political activist who helped organize and lead the recent Socialist conference in Chicago that endorsed the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement against our ally Israel. He’s open to 'divesting from Israel to support the Palestinians' and wants to stop 'subsidizing Palestinian oppression' through our aid to Israel," Wynes wrote.

Over the weekend, Schneider withdrew the endorsement of Biss he made in June.


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  1. Jeremy Wynes is a RINO, just like Dold and Kirk. He worked to elect Republicans up and down the ticket even as recently as last year, when he campaigned for Trump, and now he’s pretending to be a “moderate” to win votes.
    Go Doug Bennett for IL10!!