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AG Madigan now says she’s not running in 2018




CHICAGO – Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan announced Friday that she's not running for re-election in 2018. In her statement, she remained vague about disclosing her plans for the future.

"As I look ahead, I believe that the end of my fourth term as Attorney General will be the right time for me to seek a new challenge," Madigan said in a statement reported in the Tribune. "I have dedicated my career to helping people.That will continue to be my focus, and I am looking forward to finding new ways to do that with the passion that I have brought to my work as Attorney General."

The AG stirred controversy among Illinois conservatives earlier this week when she issued a memo encouraging Illinois local and state lawmakers they are free to ignore federal immigration laws.

Madigan, who is the daughter of state Democrat Party leader and House Speaker Mike Madigan, first became Illinois' attorney general in 2003 previously said she would run for a fifth term.

Last month, former Miss America Erika Harold announced her bid to seek the IL GOP's nomination in 2018. 


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  1. Ugh. Isn’t she the one that challenged a sitting GOP Congresscritter instead of just running against a Democrat in blue Illinois. Has she been elected to anything? Is this seriously the best the GOP can do?

  2. WHO was that “sitting GOP Congresscritter?”
    Was it just a RINO who needed to be GONE?
    You got any better choice? Who is WILLING to run, that is?
    There is always an “ideal candidate,” but that person NEVER runs.
    Ain’t it odd that many of us want term limits, but immediately dump abuse on anyone who runs a primary campaign opposing OUR “favorite” long-term “Congresscritter?”

  3. There was a fine old tradition that since the Illinois Attorney General was the lawyer for the People of the State of Illinois that a degree of bi-partisanship was necessary within the office.
    Under liberal Lisa, this tradition was maintained by retaining one Republican as an Assistant Attorney General.
    I was always amazed that Lisa was able attend law school at Loyola while working full-time as an assistant dean at the City Colleges of Chicago (with only a baccalaureate degree to her academic credit). The tireless woman must have never slept at the time.

  4. He is a RINO who would be good to replace.
    Not with somebody like Erika Harold who showed her true colors (no pun intended) when she was so quick to cry “racism” during that campaign.
    Now, for a serious office like AG the GOP wants to run a novice whose only experience in anything is winning beauty pageants.
    There has to be a better person to run for AG. Isn’t there a serious conservative States attorney somewhere who can run. This silly woman is making a mockery of a state that should already be mocked. Has she ever prosecuted anything?
    This is not a serious party anymore. This is not a serious state or country anymore. Not even close.