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Appeals court requires Texas cities co-op with immigration officials; Illinois bans same



Illinois' immigrant rights groups demanded sanctuary city status from GOP Gov Rauner

AUSTIN - A federal appeals court revived Texas’s anti-sanctuary city law Monday, allowing key parts to take effect — including a prohibition on cities and states trying to thwart cooperation with deportation officers, the Washington Times is reporting Monday.

Texas's "anti-sanctuary city law" moves the Lone Star state directly opposite to how Illinois' law officials are now required to handle federal immigration detainer requests.

While local municipalities in Texas are now required to comply with federal law officials, after Governor Rauner signed SB 31, Illinois local law enforcement is banned from working with feds.

"Police and sheriff’s departments also are required to comply with detainer requests when the federal government asks that illegal immigrants be held for pickup, under the 3-0 ruling by a panel of the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals," the report says. 

The decision overturns an injunction by a district court judge — though the appeals court said the big arguments remain to be heard later.

Still, the decision is a watershed moment, marking the highest court to allow states to force their localities to comply with detainer requests from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

The court said the anti-sanctuary law, known as SB4, was drawn inartfully, and the judges did uphold some of the injunction and also struck out some words, but said overall the law does not appear to tread on the federal government’s immigration powers.

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