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UPDATED: Glen Ellyn Doctor announces bid to oust Democrat in 46th House District




UPDATE: Dr. Kinzler confirmed Friday afternoon that he has Illinois Opportunity Project's full backing and has yet to have a call returned from the House Republican Organization. 

GLEN ELLYN — A physician and U.S. Army Reserve doctor announced via Facebook Thursday night that the 32% state income tax hike his State Rep. Deb Conroy (D-Villa Park) supported is a key reason he's running to oust her in 2018. 

“As a doctor, I took an oath to ‘first, do no harm’, but that is not what we see coming out of Springfield. All we see are policies that hurt our families: higher taxes, bloated bureaucracy, and cuts to services for the truly needy,” said Dr. Jay Kinzler in his announcement.

“Illinois government is not delivering on its promises to improve the lives of our residents but is instead driving families to leave the state. Growing up here, Illinois was the best state in the union, now after career politicians have used their positions to take advantage of us, Illinois is steadily deteriorating. We have had enough and it’s time to stop the bleeding and save Illinois.”

Reports from inside the Republican House Caucus say the minority has its eyes on ten districts where they believe they could gain seats in 2018. The 46th District is one of them.

Conroy's support for the tax hike will cost DuPage County taxpayers $557M, Kinzler's announcement said. 

“If you want a government that lives within its means, runs efficiently, and can stay solvent to better afford services for our children, the elderly, and the vulnerable, if you want lower taxes and a government focused on core services, and a government that starts caring for people then join us,” said Kinzler.

Dr. Kinzler serves and cares for patients as a physician and surgeon at Elmhurst Hospital and currently serves as the medical staff president. He is a Colonel in the U.S. Army Reserve, and in the past served as president of the Glen Ellyn Park District. He also challenged GOP Congressman Peter Roskam in the 2016 Republican Primary.



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  1. Will Doctor Jay Kinzler vote to amend the Constitution of the state of Illinois to allow a “graduated” income tax rate? Or is he in favor of keeping the current flat tax? A graduated tax will impose a greater burden (as a percentage of income) on more affluent individuals rather than on low and moderate income individuals. In 1776, Adam Smith in his book “The Wealth of Nations” says that to be “fair” in a capitalist economy, taxes should “remedy inequality of riches as much as possible, by relieving the poor and burdening the rich.” Illinois ranks as one of the most unfair, regressive taxing states in the country — imposing tax burdens on low and middle income families which are more than double that of millionaires.

  2. Dr. Kinzler has demonstrated exactly the caliber of leadership and integrity the state of Illinois so desperately needs. I’m thrilled to hear that he will challenge Conroy, who is a Madigan puppet. In her support of Madigan’s regime, she has hurt all of her constituents. I fully support Jay Kinzler and look forward to helping him defeat Conroy.

  3. Do not fully trust any HRO-backed candidate. The HRO has a nasty habit of playing favorites, usually in favor of incumbents, regardless of how BAD the incumbent is, morality- or policy-wise.
    It’s all about “SENIORITY” in office, which leads to chairman posts on committees and big plums for the underlings that cxhairman supports. Madidigan is the Democrat example of what happens.
    This is why, like dirty diapers, politicians need to be changed regularly, and for the same reason.