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How Corporate Tax Reform Can Grow The Economy, Restore Jobs And Lift Wages



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By Peter Ferrara, Investor’s Business Daily - 

President Trump proposes a one-time corporate tax rate of 10 percent on foreign earnings now held abroad if reinvested in the U.S. Based on its Taxes and Growth model of the U.S. economy, the Tax Foundation estimates that such a tax reform plan would increase real GDP by over nine percent and real wages by eight percent, while creating at least 2 million new, permanent, full-time jobs. The real beneficiaries of such tax reform would be blue collar workers and the middle class, with millions more new jobs and the return of rising wages. READ MORE


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  1. There are many large corps and companies that are paying ZERO taxes… yet they aren’t hiring why?
    If their is no demand you don’t make it. Period.
    Tax cuts to regular Americans spending cold hard cash is what increases demand and that it turn makes for more jobs.
    Throwing free money at corporations that have no reason to hire is nonsense. GOP has turned the US into a welfare state for corporations.