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Victims’ families grieve over Rauner’s snub and new sanctuary law in Illinois



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SPRINGFIELD – Those that have suffered the loss of family members at the hands of non-citizens in the country illegally were categorically denied calls from Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner before he signed a controversial immigration law into effect Monday.

Three of them conveyed their disappointment to Illinois Review after the bill signing.

Brian McCann, whose brother Dennis was killed when a drunk illegal alien ran over him crossing the street in Chicago's Lincoln Park neighborhood, was especially disappointed. Dennis' killer was released from Chicago Police detainment after he posted a $25,000 bond. The killer is now living in Mexico, yet to be punished for the crime.

Governor Bruce Rauner told reporters at the bill signing he didn't know anything about the families that wanted to speak with him. McCann was told that his cell and phone numbers were on the governor's call list a week before the signing. McCann never heard from the governor.

"Insult to injury continues," McCann told Fox News' Mike Tobin. "They know better. This is an issue of safety."

Dan Rosenberg's son Drew was killed while riding his motorcycle in San Francisco seven years ago. He, too expressed disappointment with Rauner's lack of interest in hearing from victims' families.

"This is just another example of a less-than public servant caring more about the potential votes he thinks he will get protecting illegal aliens at the expense of law abiding Illinoisans," Rosenberg told Illinois Review. "Rauner promised to meet with some of the families who were victims of illegal aliens on national television and then refused. A lousy governor and a liar."

Eric Brady's wife Jeannie of Mahomet, IL was killed January 1, 2017 by a Guatemalan in the country illegally who was driving with an alcohol level three times the legal amount. He told Illinois Review he was very disappointed in the new law.

"I find this to be terribly disappointing. It's embarrassing to the honest Illinoisans, who work hard and care about the safety of their fellow Americans," Brady said. "It continues to underscore that the leadership of this State has no interest in the citizens it's sworn to serve. It proves once again that there is no fiscal responsibility in Springfield." 

The new law will mean those in the country illegally will be protected while citizens are exposed to safety risks.

"Most tragically, [the new law] will continue to allow criminals, like Esteban Tomas, the man who killed my wife, to operate above the laws that citizens are expected to adhere to," Brady said. "My heart goes out to the next husband to lose a wife, the next parent to lose a child, the new brother to lose their sibling. I will be praying for them."

Legal immigrant Sabine Durden's son Dominic was killed by an illegal alien who had been convicted twice of driving drunk. The Guatemalan national was punished with just 90 days in jail.

"It breaks my heart to see how once again, cheap labor and votes are more important than the citizens and legal immigrants of Illinois," Durden said.

She said it was shameful of the governor to claim on tv "to make himself look compassionate" that he would meet with the victims families, and never give them "a minute of his time."

"I hope people of Illinois take this blatant disregard for their safety and well being seriously and wake up," she said.

Illinois Governor Rauner firmly stated at the bill signing that law officials have told him SB 31 will make their job easier and the public safer. 

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  1. Our National Socialist Party lead by the Madigan and Cullerton families set this up. We should focus on them first. Than focus on replacing legislators too long in our government with low moral values.
    God Bless Illinois
    Carl Lambrecht

  2. It seems to me that the elected in Illinois have gotten the wrong to do list. The have gone down the “what not to do” list like juggernauts.
    It seems like they are intentionally trying to bankrupt and turn us into a lawless state. Except of course if you are a taxpayer. Then you must adhere to all the laws.
    Things look bleak here.
    Citizens are loosing their liberties while illegals gain liberties they are not supposed to have.
    When, when, when are we going to say enough is enough?????????

  3. No, we should focus on the Pro-Illegal Immigration, Pro-Abortion, Billionaire RINO traitor Bruce Rauner who just signed the law turning us into a Sanctuary State. AND the Automatic Voter Registration bill that Rauner just signed into law, which will register the new wave of illegal aliens to vote when they apply for public aid and driver’s licenses.
    What good is Rauner to us now?

  4. Move your glasses up from the tip of your nose. It’s hard to convict those who cannot be detained, tracked, and authenticated. It’s not about race either, it’s about responsibility, fairness and Constitutional Law.

  5. RAUNER WAS PAID BY Obama TO DO THIS ILLEGAL ACT BEFORE HE LEFT OFFICE. if YOU REMEMBER the SCUMBAG traitor Obama Made a visit to the traitor governor last year.They set this act up along with other crooked politicians of this state.. I was threatened buy one of the so called reps of this state on Facebook…i spoke the truth and then i was threatened..