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Crisis pregnancy center teaches 7th grade public schoolers the “4 Types” of sex



OKLAHOMA – A Christian crisis pregnancy center in Oklahoma is responsible for publishing and distributing a sex education program that has area parents and taxpayers up in arms. 

Within the program's outline, 12 year olds were introduced to four different types of sex: mutual masturbation, oral, vaginal and anal.


The photo above of the students' handbook was taken by the parent of a 7th grade student – and a public school teacher herself. She posted it on Facebook with these comments: 

Like I said, Jake and I didn’t know. At least not until Wednesday, when our TWELVE year old daughter called (in tears) asking to be checked out. She had just spent her third day in this class, where boys and girls are combined, and male and female instructors take turns “teaching” our kids about sex education. Obviously sex education has taken a huge turn since I was in school. My daughter handed me a workbook that she was supposed to be bringing home each night so that parents can continue the conversation about what was discussed in class. She hadn’t done that….and in her shaky little voice, said “she was too embarrassed.” She begged me not to make her go back to this class. After opening the workbook, I understood why. I was appalled at what someone in our school system had deemed appropriate to talk to my child about. My TWELVE year old child (who still colors in coloring books). In a room where boys and girls are combined. With male instructors (or female, depending on the time of day, I guess) who are not teachers (or Nurses) in our school system.

Many in the Jay, Oklahoma community shared this parent's outrage. But the source of the curriculum poured fuel on the fire. It was a local "Christian" crisis pregnancy center.

“What has happened is a firestorm in that little community,” Linda Murphy, an education adviser to former Governor Frank Keating, told Big League Politics. “This came from a Christian crisis pregnancy center called Lighthouse Pregnancy [Resource] Center, and it passed through their hands into the public school system. The program is called 'Shape – Sexual Health Awareness Prevention and Education.' This is just way off the wall to the norm of most Oklahoma citizens’ thinking."

"[This curriculum] could be available everywhere," Murphy told Illinois Review. "Even under Clinton Joycelyn Elders wanted to teach masturbation." 
Parents in the Oklahoma school did not give permission or “opt in” to this program and did not know about it in advance, Murphy says. "Every public school should have a written 'opt in' policy for any sex education or other potentially controversial education programs which includes full disclosure to parents before the class begins."
Murphy says the curriculum is
  • From a local non-profit – Lighthouse and Abundant Blessings Pregnancy Center
  • Reportedly used in several other school districts in the Jay area in NE Oklahoma
  • Probably provided by Federal Funding
  • Being called “abstinence based”
  • Taught by “instructors”, some of whom come from the Youth Ministerial Alliance
  • Reportedly a curriculum based on a State Department of Education requirement
  • Presented to boys and girls together, due to fear of non-compliance with “transgender” regulations
More available HERE. 


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  1. you really are so so archaic and old fashioned that you think 7th graders don’t need to know these things.
    I suppose leaving them uneducated and stupid in matters of sex helps your cause doesn’t it? how? -> creating more abortions so you have boogie man to fight.

  2. The parents have the right to teach THEIR 7th graders about sex. Not some organization teaching homo perversion. The predators want the 7th graders to think that its normal for 7th graders to know these things and participate in them… makes it easier for the predators… like homo child abuser Kevin Spacey. I wasn’t surprised to read about his victim’s accusations of molestation, I always did think Spacey was very weird. Hollywood is filled with perverted predators. Everyone should boycott all hollywood made movies, bankrupt Sodom & Gomorrah.

  3. not if the state is paying for those babies. If parents refuse to teach kids the basics perhaps they should pay the baby’s upkeep too! You think kids birthing kids doesn’t cost the state money?
    keep your homophobic bullsh*t out of the discussion. its shows you as an idiot in my opinion.

  4. LOL…. so you think those who procreate can do so with homo anal sex. Is that the baby you think the state is paying for. There is nothing homophobic about me or my comment. Homo anal sex is a perversion of sex… telling the truth about a behavior doesn’t show an irrational fear. You liberals think you have a right to teach our children your perverted ways, you don’t. “If parents refuse to teach kids the basics” If the parents don’t its none of your business commie, stay out of their business as this is America not Russia where govt makes all the decisions about education. You liberals are ignorant, people were making babies LONG, LONG, LONG before there was sex education about unneeded info about rump rangers. And anal sex is not basic, its sick, harmful and perverted. Here is the information 7th graders need to know about anal sex.
    Why are you so worried about other people’s children sex education? Its because its part of your agenda to force your perverted thinking onto other people’s children. Anal intercourse is perverted and often harmful; why don’t they teach them about the harmful aspect of that unnatural act? It is well known by the medical community Sodomy harms; things like pain during sodomy, anal fissures, anal abscesses, anal fistulas, anal incontinence, increased risk for anal cancer; increased risk for incurable viral diseases like hepatitis, genital herpes, genital warts, and HIV; increased risk for parasitic diseases like giardiasis and amoebiasis; increased risk for bacterial infections like gonorrhea, campylobacter, chlamydia, shigella, chancroid, granuloma inguinale, syphilis (btw, untreated gonorrhea and chlamydia can lead to sterility in women and men). The CDC warns that “Anal sex is the riskiest sexual behavior for getting and transmitting HIV for men and women.” Unlike vaginas, RECTUMS are not designed for penetrative sex. Rectums are not elastic, they don’t produce lubrication, and the tissue lining is thinner and much more easily torn, which is why sodomy is both unnatural and rife with health risks. People like you should be liable for any harm done to teen girls or boys because of their neglect in not teaching all the bad things that can and do happen to victims of anal intercourse. What I can’t understand is how and I assume if you are having sex with someone you at least care alittle bit about that other person then why would you chance causing them harm by using the rectum as a sex organ which it isn’t.?? It’s hateful to harm someone just to give yourself sadistic pleasure. Reality does not cease to be reality just because there are people in this world who don’t like reality, in my opinion the only people who think high schoolers need to learn about anal intercourse are predators. So keep your foolish heterophobic comments out of the discussions. My opinion is you’re an dictatorial and hateful idiot who wants to promote violating the law of nature.