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How a Teachers Union is Protecting a Violent Antifa Radical




By Teresa Mull, Washington Examiner - 

Yvette Felarca is the militant Berkeley Unified School District teacher whose mugshot has been appearing in the news a lot lately for her violent behavior at Antifa-led riots. But this is only the latest incident for her. She has been a toxic presence at her workplace for years, court records show, and yet she remains employed at taxpayer expense. Petitions calling for Felarca’s dismissal have been circulating for some time, and most people don’t even know half the story.



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  1. The Teachers union protects ALL it’s incompetents.
    After all, that is a primary job of ALL unions.
    That’s why their incompetent members are their most loyal and fanatical dues-payers.
    They may be inadequate at their jobs, but not inadequate when it’s time to fund and support DEMOCRAT candidates.