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Illinois Review readers say Governor Rauner should exit IL GOP



CHICAGO – Last week, Illinois Review asked whether Governor Bruce Rauner should leave the Republican Party like a colleague – Ohio Governor John Kasich – was considering. We asked our 13,000 plus Facebook followers what they thought about it – and here's just some of the responses they came up with: 

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  1. As before, I must state that as Conservative as any Republican in the State of Illinois reading the governor out of the Party will not by itself assure a Republican gubernatorial victory in the next election, Nor will it ensure ebiugh seats in either or both of the houses in Springfield to assure that Cullerton will lose his veto proof Senate nor the Madigoblin his control of the House.
    The idea of a base of republican conservatives in our party is wishful thinking if we inaiat on organizing for victory on moral planks alone.
    Turnout is the answer and the percentage of voters seen at the polls is abysmal. Each of our planks have been over described as moral ussues. It hasn’t gotten ourt the voters we need who can see (as I do) that every plank has a basis not only in morality but also in Opportunity in the Economic and Political realms.
    Somehow we must tie these criteria together to form a platform worth voting for. Only then can we increase the number of ballots filled out for the Party.