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Letter to Editor: Good things happening in US, despite what Fake News says





In today's Bizarro World of politics, guests have only to pronounce, “Trump is crazy!” to get airtime on national TV. Meanwhile, while recalcitrant Dems in the Senate slow the appointment process (Republicans gave Obama his appointments PDQ), good things are still happening in DC. You won't hear it covered on mainstream media, however.

Scott Pruitt, the EPA Director, has ended the Environmental Protective agency's practice of “guilty until proven innocent” against farmers and ranchers. Coal-fired electric plants will not be driven out of business, raising everyone's electricity costs, putting coalminers out of work. The EPA is moving to end the “Waters of the US” rule extending the reach of the federal government over small waterways.

With Republicans seemingly powerless to remove the yoke of Obamacare from our necks (36% to 50% increases in premiums in Wisconsin markets), Trump has issued an executive order overturning Obama's unconstitutional order of payment to insurers. No, the poor will not be deprived of healthcare.

Trump's refusal to recertify the abysmal Iran “Agreement,” whereby Iran may continue to build its nuclear arsenal, refusing to allow inspectors onto army bases, providing their own soil samples to the UN nuclear regulatory agency (can you believe it??), is heartening. Trump has asked the Congress to reconsider sanctions against Iran.

For a clear look at our national security, reserve by Oct. 25 on Eventbrite the Saturday October 28th Machine Shed Rockford breakfast featuring Phil Haney (author “See Something, Say Nothing”) and James Simpson (“The Red-Green Axis”).

Jane Carrell


Board Member, Northern IL Tea Party


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