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Poll calls start about possible IL GOP gubernatorial primary


An Illinois Review reader just received a robo call about possible a IL GOP gubernatorial primary this afternoon. 

The survey asks if the answerer approves or disapproves of the job Governor Rauner is doing. 

Then the survey asks if a GOP primary were held today, would the answerer vote for Bruce Rauner, [State Rep.] Jeanne Ives, [State Sen] Kyle McCarter, [State Sen.] Bill Brady, conservative talk show host Dan Proft or "undecided."

Then it asked to rank the candidates with a "1" or "2" … 

The ID phone number 312.656.5191 responds with an "unable to connect" voice mail. 


  1. Just no.
    From the names listed as possibles, I bet I know who is footing the bill for this one.
    I wish I could say that I am shocked that Proft is arrogant enough to throw his own name in there, but I’m not.

  2. If they call me the answer will be that nobody can run in the Illinois GOP that would get me to vote for them. In fact I’ll hope they’ll lose so as to make the state party’s demise more imminent.

  3. “North Cook Tea Party” is full of BS. I lead the largest tea party in the state and one of the largest in the country. I know every tea party in Illinois, and “North Cook Tea Party” does NOT EXIST. The (remaining) tea party groups in Illinois are all completely independent, autonomous entities and NO ONE speaks for all of them, including “Illinois Tea Party”. The lie, “Rauner has been very very generous with the tea party” is a CROCK. I cannot speak for any group except my own, West Suburban Patriots, but We cannot be bought although some have tried. Just ask my Leadership Team– they can affirm that I rejected a $5,000 check from one such unsavory character. It’s called “PRINCIPLES” people, and some of us still believe in those. Rauner was done a long time ago, and many of us saw it coming. There WILL be a meaningful Primary next March.

  4. Do not reply to any of these polling calls.
    Many are “push-polls,” in other words, are RIGGED for one candidate.
    Better yet, LIE to the pollster.
    Believe me, it’s FUN. Screws up their statistics really well.

  5. Brady did a good job in his race for governor. Unfortunately the Republican Party backed the liberal Republican incumbent running for Senator (whatever happend to him?) The SOB ran as a North Shore independent and never to my knowledge endorsed Bill or appeared on the same dis with him. Bill had stupid staff on which he relied as well. He snatched defeat out of the jaws of victory.
    What makes it worse is that to get a majority in at lest one House in Springfield would have taken winning the Gov ( race and the the Senate majority. That demanded three election cycles to reach the the 1990 and then the 2010 electiona qhixh were necessary to control the redistricting oe at least veto it. Now we are going to wait through 2020 without that power which means 2020.
    There is no cross state Republican Base. No branch of the Party ia strong enough to claim it

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