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Rauner launches campaign kickoff video




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  1. Jeanne Ives has my vote; North Cook only pushes RINO governors. Kelly is the joke…. I seem to remember an intoxicated Kelly in a photo/video??? I can’t recall the details. When I get time I will look it up

  2. Wow. Did Rauner never see those Dukakis pics of that stupid idiot in a tank and what it did to his campaign? Seeing Rauner on that motorcycle reminds me of Dukakis.
    Is he trying to lose to that fat slob Pritzker? Maybe. I watched the video with sound on mute and after seeing all the pictures of dilapidated buildings and being reminded of how FUBAR the universities are in this state this commercial would never make me want to vote for Rauner if I were someone on the fence. After seeing that commercial I would think that the state looks like garbage and maybe those 50,000 people a year that we’re hemorrhaging are on to something and if the guy in charge is that stupid idiot on the motorcycle maybe I’ll vote for his opponent.