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Rauner uses Madigan and popularity of other governors in new ad




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  1. All this ad says is that it’s time to move to one of these other states. The Rauner RINO? He dictates that your tax dollars be used to pay for abortions and has made this a sanctuary state all while this Illinois is the most left state in the US…and is in a financial meltdown. No to the lying, elitist Rauner. The man is as bad, or worse than any Democrat.

  2. In just over a year from now Democrat Rauner will be back to his billions and Madigan will be celebrating eight years working with the fat slob Pritzker. And these governors will be thanking Madigan AND Rauner.

  3. Pro-Abortion Pro-Sanctuary-State Billionaire RINO Bruce Rauner now touts other states as preferable to us. Jeff Bezos of Amazon, are you watching this? Because Brucie says one thing to YOU and something very, very different to US…

  4. EGADS! This is getting a little bit too weird!
    “Another Home Run by my Governor”
    Tell you what, troll. Why don’t you tell us in which phone booth they are holding their next, “North Cook Tea Party” meeting?
    Or is it next to the computer in your parents’ basement?
    We’ll all come – and we’ll all wear our “Big Boy pants.”
    But if it’s UNITY behind Bruce Rauner that you want – you’d better invite Planned Parenthood and the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights.
    IR really should block this obvious troll.