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Red Team-Blue Team Exercise Will Expose the Junk Science That Filled Obama’s EPA



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Joseph Bast and Roger Bezdek, The Hill - 

Former Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Christine Todd Whitman is opposed to current EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt’s plan to establish a “red team-blue team” exercise to examine whether the science underpinning the agency’s regulatory structure is sound. But how could an open and public debate result, as Whitman contends, in the public knowing “less about the science of climate change than before”? This is insulting to millions of people who are better trained to understand the science debate than she is. Whitman’s real fear is that a red team would expose a lot of EPA’s dirty laundry. READ MORE


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  1. Junk Science = “Fake News,” and speaking of fake news, did everyone see the special supplement in yesterday’s Sunday DAILY HERALD, titled “News Literacy?”
    It’s supposed to educate the reader to “become better at separating fake news from the real thing,” which is pretty funny considering what is printed in the Daily Herald every day.
    Best and simplest method: be skeptical of ANYTHING printed in the DH, and consider EVERYTHING reprinted in the DH with a by-line from the Associated press, Washington Post, or The New York Times as “Fake News,” the
    Global Warming crap being just one example.