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Should Rauner leave the GOP like Kasich is considering doing?


CHICAGO – Over the weekend, Ohio Governor John Kasich told a CNN reporter he's thinking about leaving the Republican Party – if it can't be fixed.

"If the party can't be fixed, Jake, then I'm not going to be able to support the party," Kasich told CNN's Jake Tapper. "Period. That's the end of it."

Maybe Governor Rauner should follow Governor Kasich's political lead. After all, the Governor has ignored the IL GOP 2016 Platform, which was overwhelmingly endorsed by the party faithful. 

Governor Kasich and Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner are close kins politically. They each tend to be left of center on most issues, and both Kasich and Rauner have listened attentively to the same political consultants over the years.

Rauner's one-time chief communicator Mike Schrimpf moved to Kasich's presidential bid campaign in February 2016 to join his twin brother Chris, who traveled with Governor Kasich during the campaign. 

Several of Governor Rauner's closest political allies endorsed Kasich and ran as his convention delegates in 2016, although Governor Kasich never threatened the GOP primary leader and ultimate winner Donald Trump.

Governor Rauner has yet to publicly approve of anything President Trump has done as president.

If the Governor wants to run for re-election in 2018, the best fit would be for him to run as an Independent with those that agree with his politics and his tactics. 



  1. Some are trying to excuse Rauner signing HB40 by saying “Bruce only did what he promised in 2014.” This is a lie.
    In 2014, Rauner promised Republicans that he “had no social agenda,” that he would NOT take any action to increase abortions in Illinois, and that the issue of abortion was best handled by the Feds (i.e., the Supreme Court).
    Today, Bruce Rauner signed into law a bill that will increase AND FUND abortions in Illinois. And if SCOTUS in the future overturns Roe v. Wade, Bruce Rauner’s new law will make sure that Illinois defies the Feds, and that our state will continue grinding out abortions.
    Rauner lied to Republicans in 2014, he lied to us again in April of this year when he pledged not to sign HB40, and he’ll continue to lie to us as long as he thinks his $millions$ will buy him State Reps and State Senators.
    Anyone who votes for Rauner, continues to back Rauner, or takes money from Rauner is as guilty as he is. We are not the Rauner Party, we are the Republican Party. I will write off 2018 altogether before I lift a finger to help Rauner or anyone associated with him…

  2. I’m appalled by rauner. Someone can challenge him in primary and I’ll vote for them. Maybe the marter or whoever. But if rauner wins primary he’s better than the dems who are celebrating this vs rauner who is somber. Doesn’t excuse it but he won’t be proactively attempting to do more. This makes it all more imperative to defeat madigan

  3. By “fixing’ the GOP, does Kasich mean making it more liberal, more like the Democrats?
    Both Kasich and Rauner have already shown leanings in that direction. Both should simply JOIN the Democrats.
    The GOP needs a drastic rebuilding, and guys like these two can only stand in the way of it, so
    GO AWAY!

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