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Glennon: Rahm’s big confession




By Mark Glennon - 

In the Chicago City Council discussion Tuesday about the budget it passed, Mayor Emanuel was asked what the plan is to deal with big looming pension payment spikes. We have never run away” from doing what’s needed and “when we have to come to that moment…will answer that question.” That’s according to a Tweet by The Bond Buyer’s Yvette Shields.

In other words, he doesn’t have an answer. Nobody does.



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  1. I have the answer
    Start with IRAs or 401ks or social security for new employees including all teachers, cops, firefighters, state employees, munciole employees, legislators, judges, university employees, etc
    This will start a phase out
    No more pension scams or pyramid schemes promising deferred wages.

  2. Excellent suggestions. But as the legendary Cubs broadcaster, Jack Brickhouse would say when the Cubs were mounting a futile 9th inning rally, “A day late, and a dollar short.
    Trying to pretend there are ways of solving the IL and Chicago fiscal morass is akin to rallying everyone to work to bail out the Titanic with thimbles.
    The only solution to avoid being taken down with this ship is to – as President Reagan said – vote with your feet.
    If you must work in Chicago, NW Indiana is within commuting difference – and your property tax, sales tax and car insurance rates and registration fee savings would amaze you.