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Elizabeth Warren’s Plan to Make Credit Freezes Free Verges Nonsensical



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By Peter Ferrara, The Observer - 

If Jesse James were alive today, he would probably be a progressive Democratic senator from Massachusetts. When they asked Mr. James why he robs banks, he replied, “Cuz that’s where the money is.” There is no better summary of the economic philosophy of Sen. Elizabeth Warren. Whatever you produce and sell, Warren seems to think it would be only fair to require you to give it away for free. If she was on the Indian Affairs Committee, she would probably be introducing the Free Tomahawks Act of 2017.



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  1. Oh. and who is one of the people who invested in credit reporting agencies? Why the would be Pritzker or the Pritzker family. J.B. is the living large “populist” and darling of the Capitol Fax crowd who disabled the toilets in one of his properties to secure a tax break from Funky Joe Berrios.