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Republicans Need a Better Sales Pitch for Tax Reform



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By Peter Ferrara, The Observer –

Congressional Republicans will soon finalize their tax reform bill. However, they still need to win the battle for public opinion. They are confident that a long overdue, booming recovery will settle all arguments over their tax reform bill. Truly, the sharp contrast between Obama’s stagnation and what is about to happen will have enormous political consequences for a generation or more. But to make the victory more assured and permanent, congressional Republicans, the president, and his administration need to make a much better case for their tax reform plan to the public.



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  1. Opposition to the bill has grown 10 points since early November, and 55% now oppose it. Just 33% say they favor the GOP’s proposals to reform the nation’s tax code.
    President Donald Trump, the bill’s salesperson-in-chief, lands at an overall 35% approval rating in this poll, his worst mark yet in CNN polling by one point. Trump’s approval ratings continue to be the lowest for any modern president at this point in his presidency. As of December of their first year in office, all first-time elected presidents back to Eisenhower have approval ratings of 49% or higher except for Trump.
    With their tax bill, Republicans prepare for a long-awaited win
    With their tax bill, Republicans prepare for a long-awaited win
    More than six in 10 (63%) see the tax bill as leaving the President and his family better off. Just 5% think it harms the Trump clan. And disapproval of the President’s handling of taxes has risen six points in the last month, to 57%.
    Almost three-quarters, 73%, say the President should release his tax returns for public review, about the same share that said so as his inauguration approached in January.
    Overall, Americans see health care and averting a government shutdown as higher priorities than passing tax reform, but among Republicans, taxes top the congressional to-do list. Overall, 17% call tax reform the top priority for Congress, below the 30% who prioritize health care and 23% who say Congress should focus on passing a bill to avoid a shutdown. Just 10% cited infrastructure improvements in the poll conducted Thursday through Sunday, before a train derailment in Washington state Monday morning. Among Republicans, 29% call taxes their top priority, 24% health care, 19% immigration and 18% averting a shutdown.

  2. This plan does wonders in eliminating the marriage tax penalty.
    However, this gets little press and even the Trump team does not emphasize it.
    The real complainers are liberals who want tax cuts for those who do not pay federal income tax- or so little it barely registers.
    Trump has done a very poor job of ‘advertising’ his plan while the liberal MSM has done a fantastic job of demonizing it.

  3. married couples have a combined real estate and local/state tax cap of $10,000 for a deduction now.
    single people have the same tax $10,000 cap in the deduction now.
    you are WRONG. Married couples income combined will have less real estate and local and state tax write off than single people….
    Because they removed the mandate… ALL health insurance will go up 10-15%….. buh bye shitty tax cut.
    now go pat the GOP on the back…..lol. you can’t fix stupid but you can sure hurt stupid in the wallet. get the wallet open wide… the corporations and wealthy need YOUR money. hahaha
    this is what you get for backing up amoral thieves.