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Thorner: Aussie by Birth on Mission to Teach Children American Values




By Nancy Thorner - 

In schools across the country, students are not being taught foundational principles such as federalism, checks and balances, and separation of powers. Instead, most students are taught the Constitution is a "living" document that needs to be constantly updated and reinterpreted. Another alarming trend in academia is revisionist history that overemphasizes the darkest chapters in U.S. history while simultaneously downplaying the most positive aspects of our country's past.

These were the topics discussed Saturday, December 9th at the Heartland Institute, with author Nick Adams promoting the importance of the history and significance of the U.S. Constitution. The event, Helping Students Understand the Constitution, was well received by all age groups present.

Nick Adams, a native Australian, is a best-selling author, a prominent speaker, and a Fox News commentator.  Adams is also the Founder and Executive Director of Foundation for Liberty and American Greatness (FLAG), a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to promoting and providing high-quality civics education that informs students and families about the greatness of America and the power of the American Dream.  FLAG provide free visits by its representatives to elementary, middle schools and high schools as they work in the belly of the beast to provide comprehensive, authentic civics education that informs students and families about the greatness of America and the power of the American dream.  As to resistance to classroom visits, Nick Adams cited none. 

FLAG's first publication, Student's Constitution, has been placed in the hands of 20,000 students and teachers throughout the U.S. Thorner recommends the wonderfully illustrated and attractive book to both parents and grandparents for the children in their lives.  It will also give adults a chance to bone up on long forgotten facts about our ConstitutionOrder Student's Constitution here. 

Adams' passion for America's roots ignited by battle with childhood cancer

Christopher Talgo, Marketing Coordinator at The Heartland Institute, introduced Nick Adams.

In introducing himself, Nick Adams spoke about how a seed was planted early on in his desire to come to America to live.  It all began at the age of 16 months when Nick was found to be afflicted with stage 4 of a childhood cancer. It was an American doctor who diagnosed Nick's illness just in the nick of time.  Because of the healing hand of God, Nick lives today.  Nick also credited American exceptionalism for his good fortune.

Elected to office in Australia at the age of 19 and a best-selling author before turning 30, Nick Adams realized his dream when becoming a citizen of the U.S., thus fulfilling his intense desire to make sure America remains where we want it to be.  As Nick described the process, it wasn't an easy one.  He spent $50,000 in the process. 

Nick has dedicated his life to promoting what he believes America offers as a nation.  Nick sees America as the greatest country in the history of the world.  He tells children that the day they were born is the day they won the lottery of life, because it is the only country where a person can fail 5,000 times and then get up again.  How so?  Because failure is not failure, risk is encouraged, and success is admired. 

America's Dominance in World not by Chance

As to this nation's greatness, Mr. Adams cited how less than 5% of the world's population lives in America, yet this nation has become dominant in the world.  And it has not happened by chance.  The most brilliant men to ever walk this earth were our Founding Fathers.  The founding documents they produced have helped this nation to remain the Guardian of Liberty the Gate Keeper of Civilization.  Adams offered some thoughts on what the world would look like without this nation's attributes.  1) Islamist terrorists would act with impunity, 2) Russia would attempt to rebuild the Roman Empire, and 3) individual liberty would become extinct.  For as Adams stated, "When the U.S. is weak, the world is weak."

Adams offered these thought on political correctness. It is killing this nation as a way of life, a mindset, and a cultural attitude which seeks to determine how we should think to remain in step with what is considered acceptable to think or say.  Political correctness strips individuals of their individualism, causing the American dream to be turned into an European nightmare. In the meantime, there is little will to fight for the preservation of individualism over collectivism; for faith over secularism; and for the rejection of multiculturalism. Is this the future we want for our children?  It was American exceptionalism that set this nation apart from all othe

Australia vs America

As stated earlier on, Nick came to America to make and not to take.  He came to join the fight to save this nation, not to change it.  Most of all, Nick came because this nation is the greatest nation in the world.

In Australia voting is compulsory.  America is the only country where primary elections take place.  Nick spoke of Australia as eating its own and how any successful Aussie moves to the U.S.  Nick sees optimism and enthusiasm as important attributes here in America.  Even so, Nick mused, "America remains the most ridiculed nation in the world."

As to why the fight for the very soul of this nation remains a difficult one?  It can be attributed to those here among us, thus making the battle much more difficult to win. For the last 60 years there has been a culture war in this nation brought about through lies and the tactics set forth by Sol Alinsky.  In watching tv we are often shocked by what we are now viewing in a culture which now condones that which was not possible even 10 years ago, but is now the norm.

Keeping America Great

American must stop being the punching bag, and fighting back with boldness must begin with the next generation of American leaders.  Several generations of Americans have not been taught what it means to be an American.  This could be evidenced by the hundreds of thousands of Bernie supporters who joined the Bernie Sanders campaign with its Socialist/Communist rhetoric and values.  They have no understanding of the exceptionalism of their nation which began with the amazing documents written by our Founding Fathers.

As noted by Adams, this is a critical time for our nation.  Last July 4th was its 240th birthday   How much longer can this nation survive with its founding ideas and principles still honored and respected?  Most great nation experience decay after 230 to 270 years.  We are right in the kill zone

Until 11 months ago this nation was being led from behind. As such the enemies of this nation are no longer foreign, but are right here among us. The anti-speech movement that is currently sweeping across American college campuses is an appalling example of what can happen when people do not recognize the basic rights protected by the world-changing Founding documents.  Another alarming trend infecting our schools from K through college, is revisionist history that overemphasizes the darkest chapters in U.S. history, while at the same time downplaying the most positive aspects of our country's past. 

Nick Adams chased the American Dream as an  Aussie by coming to America and achieving permanent residency, believing this is the best country in the world to be and the most color blind nation in the world.  As the Founder and Executive Director of FLAG, it is his aim to explain to kids why America is truly an exceptional nation, and why we should celebrate our history and liberties, not be ashamed of them, to remain the greatest nation in the world.  This will require boldness to speak out from places of worship and from the true patriots among us.

As Adams noted in his books, Retaking America and Green Card Warrior, both endorsed by President Donald Trump, "Establishment" equals gate keepers, the Establishment delivers crushing blows to opportunity, and the Establishment serves itself, not America.

Nick Adams' books can be purchased at Amazon.com and include Retaking AmericaGreen Card Warrior, and The American Boomerag.  His most recent book, published in October of 2017, The Case Against the Establishment with Dave Erickson, makes an irrefutable case that the Establishment is the enemy of the people. 

The youtube presentation by Nick Adams on Saturday, December 9, 2017, Helping Students Understand the Constitution, can be viewed here.   


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