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Thorner: Party Divisions spark at Republican Women’s event in Lake County



Screen Shot 2017-12-15 at 10.36.29 AMBy Nancy Thorner - 

The lines drawn in the Illinois Republican Party between those pushing for Governor Bruce Rauner's re-election and party's base conservatives rejecting the incumbent's performance were distinct during the Lake Forest/Lake Bluff Republican Women's annual Christmas party in early December. 

Mark Shaw, 10th CD Republican Committeeman and Lake County GOP Chairman, who was honored during the evening for his work to build the local party, confronted the evening's keynote speaker Dan Proft. ""You were given 40 minutes to shoot your mouth off with your b*****,"  Shaw said, and went on to challenge Proft, asking him how much Proft had donated in time and money to the IL GOP.

The confrontation between personalities and perspectives didn't stop there. 

Proft, a local radio talk show host, plays a key role in the Illinois Opportunity Project, the Illinois Policy Institute, Liberty Principles and co-founded a network of political news sites and newspapers throughout the state. He has been a vocal opponent of Governor Rauner and the Illinois Republican establishment over the years. 

Proft's keynote topic was how the IL GOP could progress in deep blue Illinois during the 2018 elections. 

The Republican Party keeps making the same mistake in Illinois, which has destroyed the state's economy, and which is how Michael Madigan has become the biggest friend of the Republican Party, Proft said. 

What was the mistake referenced by Proft?  "Everything Republicans do is done in reaction to Mike Madigan and Chicago Democrats," he said.  As such, Republicans have no strategy to defeat Democrat Speaker Mike Madigan.

Proft continued by asking what the IL GOP is pitching?  How is the Party defining itself?  He said Democrats pull out the same playbook every election because it works. What Republicans are doing isn't working.  "We need better messaging.  It is not enough for Republicans just to say we are not Mike Madigan,  it's not a winning ticket!" Proft told the crowd.

It isn't helpful that Illinois is the least Republican state not located on the East or the West coast.  Illinois further ranks the second-largest in the Top 10 of least Republican states after California, because of the city of Chicago.  Nor is it helpful that Illinois lost 41,000 tax returns to other states las year –  $4.75 billion in adjusted gross income in tax year 2017 — when 86,100 individuals moved to other states, many of which voted Republican voters.

Proft asked "Do Republican voters really view House Speakere Michael Madigan as the primary reason why Illinois is in the doldrums economically? " If, however, members of the Republican establishment and Republican voters continue to blame Michael Madigan for all their woes, how can they expect the Republican Party to rise above its present super minority position here in Illinois?  It also can't continue to accept that Chicago, as a city of almost three million, has zones which are off limits because of crime.

As the state of Illinois continues to fail, Proft said the Illinois Republican Party must acquiesce to a different way of doing things. Republicans should attempt to find the best conservative Republican candidates possible to run for office, not select candidates based primarily on having an "R" following their names but who are not in step with the Illinois Republican Platform. For if the latter so often remains the criteria for selecting Republican candidates, complaints about what has happened to Illinois are not justified.

Proft then went on to describe some of what ails Chicago and Illinois:

  • Illinois has the highest property taxes in the nation.
  • Chicago is the worst governed city in the entire nation.
  • Illinois has the lowest bond rating since 1992 under Mike Madigan.
  • Young people are looking for opportunities elsewhere and are leading the exodus from Illinois.
  • Chicagoans are moving to the suburbs, resulting in the Democratic Party becoming the Party of the suburbs.

Soaring taxes have a major impact on Lake County property values

Proft spoke about Cross Lake which straddles the Illinois-Wisconsin border. Cross Lake, 89 acres in size, straddles the Illinois-Wisconsin border has been greatly affected by soaring taxes. It’s western shore spans two adjacent communities, Antioch, Illinois and Trevor, Wisconsin, where a continuous development of modest lakefront homes makes the state line essentially indistinguishable. The homes on Cross Lake look no different; however, in Trevor, a 1,368 square-foot two bedroom, two bath sold in the fall of 2015 for $255,000 while in Antioch, a three-minute walk south across the state line, a 2,400-square-foot, three-bedroom, three-bath sold last spring for $225,000.

Why would a home 75 percent larger with more bedrooms and bathrooms sell for $30,000 less? It is because of property taxes. The Wisconsin home is valued higher because its tax bill is so much lower. At $3,202 per year, it’s about half what their Illinois neighbor pays— $6,211 per year— just across the state line.

As Proft related, every Lake County community saw their home values fall significantly, while rising property taxes compounded the pain. The rise was driven, in large part, by steady increases in local school district spending, which make up 70 percent of a typical property tax bill, yet most often the increases are not for the benefit of the children, but are used to fund salary increases for teachers and teacher pension.

In bringing the property tax issue to the local level, Proft spoke about homes in Lake Forest and Lake Bluff where property taxes rank 22nd highest in the nation.  The average property tax nationwide is .9 of a percent, while in Lake Forest it is 2% and in Lake Bluff 2.4 percent.  From 2007 – 2013 the dollar value of home in Lake Forest dropped 39% and in Lake Bluff 29%.  Proft then posed these question:  Are Lake Forest and Lake Bluff citizens really fine with having their homes taken from them by government?  With more money being spent on K-12 education than in other Lake County School Districts, are Lake Forest and Lake Bluff schools superior to other schools in Lake County who spend less per child?

Proft outlines his winning plan for Illinois

There were 15 Republican state representatives who voted for tax increases along with all Democrats. They should have all been fired, he said, but the Republican Party is adverse to holding itself accountable. However, nine of the fifteen did retire, knowing there would be a reckoning if they did ran for another term in office. 

Chosen to replace the nine retiring Republicans are conservative reform candidates.  Proft will be supporting these nine Republican candidates, through his Illinois Opportunity Project funded mostly by Wisconsin businessman Dick Uhlein. He is also backing candidates that are challenging Republican House leader Minority Leader‎ ‎Jim Durkin‎ and Illinois' governor Bruce Rauner.

As Proft related, both parties lie to their voters to win elections. With a debt of $250 billion, which is a definition of bankruptcy, do Illinoisans wish to continue this course or change to another course of action. It is not written in the stars that Michael Madigan should head the Illinois House, he said.  The Republican Party must make better choices in their candidates if a better Illinois is to be realized. 

Question and Answers:  Lake County Republican Chairman, Mark Shaw, responds in anger toward Dan Proft

It was during this time when some in attendance who were squarely behind Governor Bruce Rauner but skeptical of the candidacy of Jeanne Ives in her bid to defeat Governor Rauner, became evident. 

One of the most vocal critics of what Dan Proft had to say came from Mark Shaw, Chairman of the Lake County Republican Party, who also represents the 10th District on the Illinois State Central Committee, when he stood up and addressed Proft with these words: "You were given 40 minutes to shoot your mouth off with your bullshit."  Shaw then proceeded to ask of Proft:  "Have you ever walked precincts?"   "How much of your money are you donating to help Republican?" 

An article published at Illinois Review on Friday, December 8th, Still no response: How does the IL GOP decide how to spend Rauner's millions in donations?, spoke of an inquiry made of Illinois Republican Party spokesman Aaron DeGroot as to why he has not yet answered questions about how the party determined where it directed millions of dollars over the past month donated by governor Bruce Rauner.  Specifically mentioned in the article was Lake County GOP as being a recipient of $25K. 

It seems unlikely that Mark Shaw would support Governor Rauner because of the $25K he received as a beneficiary of Rauner's money, but the connection cannot be ignored.

Even so, in my opinion, Shaw needs to apologize for his rudeness toward Dan Proft and to everyone in the room, indeed to the whole county. Shaw's job as County Chairman isn't to take sides but to put the party back together after the primary to elect whoever wins.  Dan Proft has raised millions for Republicans and his good will is essential in electing Republican candidates like Barrett Davie and Cindy Massover.  Shaw failed with his outburst of anger about Proft at the WRC Lake Forest event.

In Proft's exchange with Shaw, Proft pointed out how the generic ballot in Illinois for Republicans stood at -8, while Rauner's favorable level was at -28.   Proft took great pains to assure Mark Shaw that his comments were not directed against him and the function of the Lake County Republican Party, but were generic in nature.

Other questions directed at Proft included:

  1. Importance of the Map matter?  Proft cited two choices:  1) Pick up 9 seats in the House to unseat Mike Madigan and 2) elect a Republican governor.  Proft is shooting for a combination of the two.  With 118 State House seats, Proft sees 16 seats as possible pick up opportunities.
  1. About Early Voting?  Democrats have the advantage with early voting, and it's a winning strategy.  Republicans must put more resources in the field and more boots on the ground to get out the early vote.
  1. Can candidate Jeanne Ives win? There are 800,000 Republican primary voters.   We must "Stoke the Revolt" instead of continuing to do the bidding for the other side, as when Republicans voted for tax hikes, the bailout of Exelon, and the expansion of Medicaid.  Ives must define herself and needs money to do so, between 3 and 5 million dollars.  Her five-year record in the General Assembly is certainly laudable.  Rauner betrayed many Republicans by voting for SB 40 and making Illinois a sanctuary state.  

In closing the sheriff of Lake County, Mark Curran, who had questioned how Ives could win, advanced to the podium to offer a prayer of unity to heal the divisions that were apparent in the room between Rauner and Ives supporters. Curran was a vocal supporter of Rauner signing into law Illinois' sanctuary policy.

The Women's Republican Club's Annual Christmas Luncheon was held on December 2, l20o17, at Exmoor Country Club in Highland Park. Membership to the WRC of LF/LB (Est. 1941) is open to men and women as well as GOP local, state, and federal candidates and office holders. Residence in Lake Forest or Lake Bluff is not required. WRC exists to assist GOP candidates land office-holders land to educate voters on issues of importance.

When the event started, Lake Forest resident Peggy Siebert, president of the WRC, warmly greeted guests, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance and the singing of God Bless America. Past presidents were then recognized, as well as candidates and office-holders who were in attendance.

The bestowal of the Annual WRC "President's Award" was presented to Lake County Republican Chairman and Illinois State Central Committee member (10th) Mark Shaw, as the person who did the most during the past year for the Republican Party in Lake County, although an admission was made that the award is usually given to a much older individual.  The presented award was a framed picture of a drawing done by artist Franklin Mahon, an acclaimed Lake Forest artist.

Prior to the introduction of Dan Proft, whose topic was The Importance of the 2018 Elections, two local Republican candidates were introduced.  Barrett Davie is the GOP Candidate for State Senate (District 29th) running to defeat incumbent Democrat Senator Julie Morrison.  Cindy Massover is running for the Illinois State House (58th) in her bid to unseat incumbent Democrat Scott Drury.

Officers of the Women's Republican Club of Lake Forest/Lake Bluff

  • Peggy Siebert, President
  • Hilary Till, 2nd Vice President
  • Susan Somberg, Secretary
  • Lisa Roti, Angie Sage, Betsy Thurman, Nancy Thorner, Board Members
  • Jennifer Neubauer, Pat Falkowski, Kim Madden, Past Presidents and members of the Advisory Board.

Elected Officials in attendance

  • Roycealee Wood, Superintendent Lake County Schools
  • Carla Wycoff, Lake County Clerk
  • Mark Curran, Lake County Sheriff
  • David Stoleman, Lake County Treasurer
  • Mike Rummel, Lake County Board, District 12
  • Christy Bishop, Circuit Court Judge
  • Chris Stide, Circuit Court Judge
  • Terry Darraugh, Shields Township Supervisor
  • Scott Helton, Shields Township Assessor
  • Bill Griffin, CLC Trustee

Candidates in Attendance

  • Jeanne Ives –  Illinois Governor
  • Cindy Masover – Illinois H 58th
  • Barrett Davies – Illinois S 29th
  • Becky Zeidamn – Lake County Board Dist 11
  • Karen Feldman -  Illinois H 59th
  • Marco Sukovic -  Illinois H 59th
  • Doug Bennett – 10th Congressional District
  • Sapan Shah – 10 Congressional District
  • Jeremy Wynes – 10th Congressional District


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  1. A similar discussion took place this week at Reoublicans of Maine Township Christmas Party. The Rauner support seems to have disappeared with most of talk being about his money. The base of the party seems to be leaning towards Jeannie Ives. Keep in mind, that’s who votes in a Reoublican primary.
    I have heard both sides say, “she can’t win” and others saying “he can’t win.” Both have good agruments so we will see what happens.
    On a positive note for republicans, the democrats have their own problems, just more guys with MONEY.

  2. There’s a lot of truth to what Proft is saying. Everyone said Trump couldn’t win. They said he would lose by 80 electoral votes. Instead, he won by 80. And he was real close to a hundred. That’s sort of like the Illinois General Assembly. Someone asked a while back, who decides where party money goes? What’s the formula? How are they investing? Someone pointed out that money is thrown at races where a Republican has no business being in, but because the candidate was a political buddy money went to that candidate while money was withheld from numerous other legislative races that were actually winnable.

  3. There are many inaccuracies in this report, not the least of which is the use of the word “b*****it” at the WRC event. I was sitting no less than 5 feet from the person in question and the word was not uttered. Your reporter was sitting much farther away from the podium and the person in question, and clearly misheard what was said, in addition to getting many other facts regarding this event and the persons mentioned simply wrong. This is unfortunate.

  4. “As President of the WRC, I was saddened to read this article which misrepresented this event as divisive or full of dissension between Ives and Rauner supporters. We were celebrating the recruitment of great local candidates willing to carry the GOP standard into the fray at this event and were unhappy to read this rendition of “facts” which focused on a minute portion of the event, but was also inaccurate in reporting even that. Approximately 100 people enjoyed a festive holiday luncheon and were able to speak with county-wide office holders, all three candidates for the 10th Congressional District and other local office holders and candidates. All were heartened at the quality of candidates recruited by Lake County leadership, including Barrett Davie (running for State Senate) and Cindy Masover (running for State Rep) and anxious to work for their election as part of our party’s bid to retire Mike Madigan. Perhaps the author’s obvious bias clouded her objectivity in reporting on perceived dissension at this event.”

  5. I’m replying to both Jennifer and Peggy, the former a past president of the Women’s Republican Club of Lake Forest/Lake Bluff, and Peggy as the present president of the Club. I’m also a member of the Club, at least I was before my conscience told me that I had to be honest in the way I reported the organization’s annual Christmas event.
    As for Mark Shaw’s remark to Dan Proft, I heard what Mark said, and I’m sure my ears did not deceive me. It’s a term I would never use myself, so it resonated with me. The verbal exchange between Shaw and Proft created quite a stir among those in attendance, as Shaw and Proft exchanged comments with one another. It became evident that some in the room were loyal Rauner supporters. As an aside, I have been informed that Lake Forest harbors some wealthy donors who are behind Rauner.
    As far as Jennifer is concerned, she serves on the Lake County Board where Mark Shaw is the chair. It stands to reason that Jennifer would wish to protect Mark Shaw from any criticism. Peggy, as an upright conservative Republican, wants only positive aspects of the Club to get out to the public. She heads a good organization that has much going for it. Nevertheless, the exchange between Shaw and Proft did happen. Would it be fair to cover up what really happened at the Club’s Christmas event?
    Dan Proft did try to explain to Shaw that he wasn’t criticizing the Lake County Republican organization, nor should he take offense with Proft’s remarks about needing a better brand for the Republican Party.
    There are many who don’t like Dan Proft for one reason or another, but Proft is working with John Tillman of the Illinois Policy Institute in advancing the candidacy of Ives. David Smith of the Illinois Family Institute is also squarely behind Ives, as are other organization who view Rauner as a governor who didn’t follow through with his promised reforms. SB-40 and making Illinois a Sanctuary state are just two laws signed by Rauner that has created a viable movement in Illinois to replace Rauner with Ives.
    Those who invited Dan Proft to speak should have know what his plan was to help the struggling Republican Party here in Illinois. I certainly did, because John Tillman said much the same when he spoke at the Women’s Republican Club of Lake Forest/Lake Bluff a few months ago.

  6. My only question is: Why does someone of Dan Proft’s insightful analysis, wit and perspicacity, even bother with Illinois Republican yahoos anymore?
    Sure, he can be a pain, some of the time – but he’s right, most of the time.
    The Illinois GOP is, frankly, no more than a leper colony. Why throw pearls before swine?
    I got another lead on a good residential property in low-tax, conservative, Indiana. Check it out.

  7. All the people at the above meeting in Lake Forest I like and respect. Jeanne Ives should get a meeting with the Republicans in Lake County just like Bruce Rauner received a few weeks back at Republican head quarters. All agree that Jeanne Ives supports the republican platform strongly. Some think her moral values are too high to win an election for Governor. I believe Jeanne Ives moral values are good for Illinois. In fact Bruce Rauner should support her with his money for the good of Illinois.
    The main issue not indicated in the comments is Baby Killing (Abortion). Rauner support a Baby Killing organization with his vote as Governor. He supports Cullerton and Madigan to take tax dollars to Kill babies. Then as a private person he helped finance the same Baby Killing organization.
    I am certain that Mark Shaw, Dan Proft, Jennifer Neubauer, Peggy Siebert’, Jeanne Ives and Nancy Thorner do not condone the killing of innocent unborn Babies.
    The unborn are innocent babies. To have their baby bodies torn limb from limb. Their baby head crushed.
    Which one of these unborn babies would have been the person curing cancer.
    No one has the right to kill another human being who is innocent. Unborn is not a crime
    Yet Madigan, Cullerton, and Rauner voted to kill babies.
    Do you believe unborn baby killing is a value of the Democratic Party?
    I believe more voter in Illinois do not support Killing Babies. Do you also???
    God Bless the Unborn
    Carl Lambrecht

  8. Nancy, You failed to report on Dan Proft. He is a Chameleon. Dan Proft does NOT measure up to the ILLINOIS REPUBLICAN PARTY PLATFORM. Dan Proft is the one who owes US an apology! Dan Proft Scrubed the Internet clean of all his writings of his former company. GOT SOMETHING TO HID?
    Remember the little Mexican Girl who was an illegal alien held up in a church in CHICAGO? Little Danny was ALL FOR HER! He wrote an article against Anne Coulter who wanted to see Elvira apprehended. He was writing for LaRaza at one time.
    It was right and correct for Mark Shaw to do what he did. Dan Proft Shoved Bruce Rauner down our throats REMEMBER? Now he is doing the same with a Different candidate. I think the Problem IS DAN PROFT!!

    It’s a 2007 piece wherein Proft voices his frustration with anti-illegal immigration activists espousing “It’s the Law” in defense of deporting illegals. The discussion between Mannis and Proft focused specifically on two paragraphs of Proft’s commentary about Mexican immigrant Elvira Arellano’s deportation:
    “It’s the law” is not a moral defense to laws that are immoral. The Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 was “the law” and it was wrong. National origins quotas aimed at stemming the tide of southern and eastern European immigrants was “the law” on immigration until 1965 and it was wrong.
    And for a party founded to combat the most perniciously wrong legal institution in American history–I speak of slavery, of course–we, as Republicans, need to refresh our recollections of an America that is more than a land mass, and fight for the America that is an idea rooted in a belief in individual enfranchisement derived from the God-given rights with which we have all been endowed.
    Illinois Review archives!! Dan Flip Flops!!

  10. I’ve known Nancy Thorner for 25 years. She is the soul of integrity and a very meticulous note taker who has wrote about hundreds of events. I know other people in that room who heard exactly what Nancy heard. I guess the Rauner supporters have become like the man they support—ready to say and do anything to get power.
    Rauner could have spent every day this year spotlighting one program or law a majority of voters would eliminate or curb like this idea from his primary opponent: http://www.dailyherald.com/news/20171213/governor-candidate-ives-every-school-district-should-be-a-unit-district
    He could have supported balancing the budget without raising taxes like the Illinois Institute plan: https://www.illinoispolicy.org/reports/budget-solutions-2018-balancing-the-state-budget-without-tax-hikes/ or the plan of Lake County’s Dan McConchie: http://taxpayerbargain.com/
    Rauner could have attacked the 4.95% income tax pushed by Illinois Senate Republican leaders Bill Brady and Christine Radagno. He could have delayed his veto a week, promised a million dollars to the primary opponent of any Republican who overrode his veto and backed it up with calls, ads and door to door campaigners.
    Instead he gave millions to legislative leaders who failed to sustain his veto. http://illinoisreview.typepad.com/illinoisreview/2016/11/rep-ives-spells-out-opposition-to-exelon-bailout-bill-.html The Exelon bailout also shows Rauner isn’t a fiscal conservative reformer.
    The track record is we can’t trust anything Rauner tells us. On election night 2014, Rauner claimed he’d spoken to Madigan and Cullerton even though he hadn’t. For years Rauner said he would stop the Democrats from bailing out Chicago schools but then he signed a bill that actually gave the schools more money than the Democrats asked for. Rauner claimed over and over that his “best friend” (grandfather) immigrated from Sweden. He repeated this lie when he signed the “Sanctuary State” bill.
    Candidate Rauner promised Personal PAC in 2014 he would sign tax-funded abortions if they could pass it through the legislature. When Personal PAC did, it was time to forget the promise made to the most powerful religious figure in the country. Yes, Rauner honors his promises—to liberal Democrats.

  11. With all due respect to the author of this Illinois Review article, who has done so much positive work for a number of conservative causes, I don’t think this article quite captures how odd the Chicago radio personality’s keynote speech was to the Women’s Republican Club (WRC) of Lake Forest-Lake Bluff on Saturday, December 2nd. My recollection is as follows.
    The speaker gave a long, pedantic speech laced with sarcasm and infused with condescension for his captive audience.
    The context of the event was a Christmas fundraiser for the WRC at a country club in Highland Park. The reality of nearby Lake Forest – Lake Bluff is that this area is now Democratic; the combined populations voted for Hillary over Trump in the last election. The relatively small number of people who show up for Republican events primarily consists of activists (like the author of this Illinois Review article), who are worried about the fiscal and moral direction of the state and the country. For further context, the purpose of a Christmas fundraiser is to celebrate and to provide moral support for GOP candidates and elected officials who are still willing to carry the Republican banner in our blue state.
    The Women’s Republican Club bylaws do not allow endorsement of specific GOP candidates during primaries, so in the context of a WRC event, the club does not favor candidates. But individual members and officers certainly do favor certain candidates.
    In the keynote speech by the Chicago radio personality, the speaker decided to treat us with a condescending speech where we were treated as if we were clueless, blue-bloods in a bubble, who needed to be shocked out of our complacency. His grating tone was so annoying that I would have left about a third of the way through his monologue, if I hadn’t decided that decorum at a Christmas fundraiser took priority.
    The bizarre aspect of the speaker’s performance was that just about everyone in the audience already knew and agreed with his message. In the North Shore, it does turn out to be the case that we have access to Drudge, Fox News, Illinois Review, talk radio, and policy briefs from the Heartland Institute, Illinois Policy Institute, and Hillsdale College. So it was odd that the speaker treated his captive audience as if we were foils to be made fun of in a Michael Moore documentary on privileged people unaware of the intense difficulties of others.
    The speaker talked about his efforts to turn around Illinois, but lacked generosity in acknowledging other participants’ efforts in reform efforts, including the grassroots folks and candidates in his captive audience. As a matter of fact, he was dismissive of Lake County grassroots efforts, which after a long while, the Lake County Chairman took issue with, defending the efforts of the trench warriors in the audience. The speaker had a personalized, sarcastic response to the Chairman, which then elicited a personalized, negative response from the Chairman. The speaker still persisted, and just would not leave the podium, which made the event even more bizarre. At that point, I started thinking of Chevy Chase in some overly long gag in a National Lampoon Christmas movie that my daughters had been watching recently. Eventually, a Lake County elected official proactively got up to close the event with a devotional, uplifting message.

  12. I like Jeannie Ives, and think she would be an appealing contrast to Pritzker. But at a recent event her only positions seemed to be “I’m not Rauner” and pro-life. I now understand that she wants to consolidate school districts. Ok, what else? But she has only just jumped in and I assume we will hear more. I am particularly interested to hear her positions (not views) on fiscal and economic reforms, for example what she thinks of Rauner’s past reform proposals and whether she will pursue them.

  13. In my opinion, this was a very fine article explaining why Illinois politics has created such an abominable mess on it’s over burdened tax payers, and Dan Proft is doing an excellent job of alerting the citizens to this catastrophe.
    Living just outside of the 10th district, I’ve never heard of Mark Shaw, but he sounds like some kind of a clown, or extension of Mark Kirk’s failed liberal legacy in the 10th district.
    I’ve known Dan Proft since my days with the Illinois Center Right Coalition, a period of about 20 years, and I originally considered Mr. Proft a liberal to moderate republican. Since that time I’ve watched Mr. Proft grow into a strong conservative leader sticking up for the people,and representing their interests. I don’t know what made Proft change his philosophy, to the better in my opinion, whether he just abandoned his feeble liberal view point based on new found conservative principles, or probably because of the repugnant lack of leadership in the Illinois Republican Party, Dan Proft stepped up to lead, and to sound the alarm that Illinois residents are getting ripped off.
    We are getting ripped off by simpletons who walk the precincts for Bruce Rauner , and we are getting ripped off by the feckless Republican party leadership who seems to be afraid of their own shadows. Dan Proft is doing a Yeoman’s job in illustrating the problems in our current government. Mark Shaw should take note before he becomes part of that failed class that motivated Dan Proft to lead.

  14. I did not attend this event but did speak to some people who did. They confirmed that Nancy Thorner’s story is accurate. I have attended many events with Nancy and have written and contributed to stories with her.. She is always accurate, in fact she takes meticulous notes. I have no doubt her story is accurate.
    There is a serious divide in the Illinois GOP between establishment types, often elected officers and the base of grass roots conservatives. I guess we can expect much more of this between now and the March 15, 2017 primary. The township groups will be having forums and endorsement sessions. I expect them to be heated.
    It’s unusual for an incumbent governor to be challenged in a primary, a serious challenge at that. Expect to hear mich more about Jeannie Ives as the GOP base questions if Bruce Rauner should get another chance.
    I expect Nancy Thorner will be on top of it as one of the top conservative journalists in Illinois.,

  15. I think it’s great that Lake Co. sheriff, Mark Curran, offered a prayer of unity to heal the division in the room between Rauner’s and Ives’ supporters; however the people at odds with each other can’t even agree to obey Illinois LAW. The sheriff was a vocal supporter of Rauner signing into law Illinois’ sanctuary policy! Didn’t the sheriff take an oath to protect citizens? Seems to me that is his first responsibility. I thank Dan Proft for all he’s doing for the true Republicans of this state. We need principles once again, so we have a standard of measurement by which to weigh all candidates, so they know what we will and will not tolerate, regardless of money. With all their legislative decisions, they are affecting our lives!

  16. So glad I am no longer a PC for the Republican Party. There are so many people entrenched in the various precincts who are out for their own interests including putting family members in various paid positions and multiple pension dipping. Their private beliefs and actions are at odds with their public personas for smaller government and pension reform. At least the Democrats seem to be honest about embracing their own depravities, self-interests and corruption.
    After working hard to get Rauner elected, I feel betrayed again. I will vote for Ives and hope for the best for the people of Illinois.

  17. Robust debate is healthy. I point to the Federalist Papers as evidence. Our Constitution stands as the most remarkable governing document on the planet. Today, we are in the midst of change on the national and local GOP fronts. We will either move closer to, or away from, the genius of our Founding Fathers. I realize that that is a Tim McCarver-like statement of the obvious, but we would do well to take note of the direction of each side of the Shaw/Proft exchange and of the overall direction of each of the comments on this article.

  18. Nancy, I find it strange that, while you have insisted that we proofread your work for accuracy when you are reporting on WRC events for years now, you didn’t ask us to proofread this piece. Had you done so, we would have corrected the inaccuracies. You might at least have been honest with the reader, though, and indicated your long-held animus toward the Lake County Chairman which is well-documented in many of your writings. Perhaps this colored your rendition of the event.
    Second, this isn’t a matter of “liking Dan Proft”–as I told him after the event, I listen to his radio show often and agree with many of the points he makes with erudition. Please see Hilary’s longer explanation, posted below, regarding our heartburn with his presentation at our Annual Christmas Benefit.
    Finally, is the circular firing squad really necessary here? It’s easy to sit around and complain and write articles about who is “purer” than whom, while Mike Madigan and his factotums ruin the state and enrich themselves in the process (remember him?). It’s much more difficult to recruit and work for candidates, imperfect as you believe they may be, pound the pavement for them, get out the vote, work on election day, etc., in an effort to turn Illinois around, be the process ever so slow. We have some great candidates running this cycle. I hope you will direct your efforts toward working for them rather than finding their “weaknesses” and tearing them down.

  19. Jennier
    The Lake Forest, Lake Bluff Women Republican Club is an excellent Organization. You and Peggy are doing an excellent job.
    As I write this email Nancy Thorner is in the operating room of the hospital. I know she has asked the speaker to proof read the article. In this case it was Dan. She is always taking notes. I was at a meeting on the Universe at Fermi Lab.
    God Bless Lake County
    Carl Lambrecht
    Carl Lambrecht

  20. Hilary….having been with the boots on ground, volunteers and unpaid…..sadly, those paid leaders of the GOP (Queen bees) do NOT seem to understand the value of the grassroot worker bees who have made the way for many of these Queen, leaders and the money they make by and through politics. These Queen bees talk a good talk and repeatedly turn to the worker bee, grassroots boots on the ground to do the actual walk and dirty work. The problem with the IL GOP–way too many Queen bees creating hives of gold and honey and only distributing it to their cronies; they have worked the worker bees almost to death and ignored their efforts, too long.

  21. I smell a rat in this Lake Co Republican fella. I think Dan Proft is almost always on the right track. He’s got a good head for getting to the root of political problems, and to the best of my knowledge he’s never had any major conflicts of interest.
    I don’t understand “Republicans” that could support sanctuary cities, or NOT support THE MOST conservative candidate in a primary. Though, to be candid and as someone who grew up not far from the two towns mentioned, it doesn’t surprise me that “Republicans” from that area lean toward, well…..not really being very conservative at all.
    For myself, I have a huge conflict. I like Jeanne Ives, I think she should be the ‘R’ candidate and I think she should be our governor. On the other hand I believe any attempt to “save” this state will end up far more costly to the avg. taxpayer, than default and failure of our state government.
    “Saving the state” has become code for attempting to honor criminal agreements most of us fought tooth and nail to prevent over the past 30 years which is about as long as the Every Teacher Counts (and counts, and counts and counts) campaign has been in place to raise the value of public employees at the expense of students and the private sector as a whole.
    We didn’t do this. We shouldn’t have to fix it. Let the Democrats reap what they sowed.
    Most conservatives have a different idea about fixing this state than I do. Their ideas might have the money extorted from us by the democrats and public service unions paid in 20 years. At what cost? The more they try to honor this crime, the fewer people there will be to pay for it.
    Any way you look at it, this state will fail. With the exception of a settlement that by necessity would ENRAGE the gluttonous unions and those “innocent” members who must have known the deal was too good to be true, this state will fail.
    The government that is, not the actual state.
    My only wish is that I could do more to ensure complete collapse of the state government so we could replace it with a much smaller system that does not tell our local schools how to educate our kids, or redistribute the wealth, or tax us beyond belief to support their adult employment programs.
    One way or another this WILL end. While I don’t have high hopes for an Ive’s governorship it has nothing to do with her abilities, I just think that this state is too far gone to save. I don’t see a ‘political’ solution to rebuilding our state, I see an ‘organic’ solution.
    I still think the best way to bring this about is continued democrat (commie) leadership. As such I had planned to vote for one of the two goofball commies that will win the Dem primary, in order to hasten Illinois governments demise. But. I just can’t do it. I’m weak. I’ll be voting for Jeanne Ives.
    Maybe if we could organize a tax revolt it’s not too late prevent having to put Jeanne Ives through all this bother. Maybe Jeanne Ives could be the governor of a NEW government that rises from the ashes of the 1970 Constitution. A guy can dream, can’t he?
    – Robert Black, Mt Prospect

  22. If you keep using the “sanctuary state” line, you clearly didn’t read the bill. That bill is the result of a federal court order saying ICE needs a warrant, that’s it. Maybe if everyone took the time to read it instead of listening to Proft and Ives maybe you realize that they are not as smart or honest as you may think.

  23. “however the people at odds with each other can’t even agree to obey Illinois LAW. The sheriff was a vocal supporter of Rauner signing into law Illinois’ sanctuary policy! Didn’t the sheriff take an oath to protect citizens?”
    He swore to uphold the law and do whats best for Lake County. The bill is the result of a federal court decision and created a clear standard for all Illinois law enforcement to follow. Maybe you should let Proft know what the law actually is!