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Durbin says Trump’s Haiti comments were “hate-filled, vile and racist”



WASHINGTON – Illinois' senior U.S. Senator Dick Durbin was asked by President Trump to work with Senator Lindsay Graham to come up with a proposal that would please everyone concerning the immigration issue.

Senator Durbin was in the meeting Thursday when the President reportedly dropped the S***hole comment. Durbin is outraged, and eager to talk about it via WLS…


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  1. This smarmy creature, Durbin, – according to Breitbart – in 2010 said he wanted an end to what he called “chain migration”, in return for amnesty for DACA illegal aliens. Now he says that President Trump’s use of the term “chain migration” is inherently racist.
    What a lying hypocrite!
    Durbin was also the creep who referred to American Army troops in Iraq as “Nazis,” and refused to be interviewed on WLS-AM radio, after Don & Roma asked him to explain himself.

  2. Tricky Dickie goes public with a salacious comment nobody else heard just two days after a highly successful, bi-partisan meeting regarding immigration reform. The Dems will do anything to offset the President’s successes. What a surprise.