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GOP challenger Moore calls incumbent State Rep. Meier on tax hike vote



TROY – Madison County Board member Don Moore is challenging three-term State Rep. Charlie Meier (R-Highland) in the March 20th GOP primary because Meier "can't make up his mind whether he supports raising taxes or not." Large_FromILLAssnofCountyBoardMembersDotOrgWebsite300x400

Meier was among several Republican House members that voted to raise the state income tax by 32 percent in the last legislative session. After district voter outcry, Meier changed his vote and chose to agree with Governor Rauner's override veto when presented to the Illinois House. The measure passed and Illinoisans are now paying the higher tax rate. 

"We need a conservative leader in Springfield who we can trust to stand up for our values and interests, and not flip-flop on the most important issues when it is politically expedient," Moore said in a statement issued earlier this week.

"Charlie Meier clearly can't make up his mind whether he supports raising your taxes or not, and he is using the typical disingenuous rhetoric many others on the hard left have used to justify their support for unpopular policies," said Moore.

Meier is trying to distract GOP voters from how he voted, the challenger said.

"Meier thinks he can distract from his record of raising taxes by tricking you with sly political talk," said Moore. "I'm running because we don't need another double-talking politician we can't trust. As a retired Marine Major, I swore my life to protect this country and our values. Now, I'm running for state representative to protect and restore your paycheck in Springfield."

Moore is a resident of Troy and a retired U. S. Marine. 


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