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Congressman Rodney Davis says “Let’s see” about immigration proposal after Trump meeting



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WASHINGTON DC – Illinois Congressman Rodney Davis talked immigration with Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tuesday night, following President Trump's White House open meeting with both Democrat and Republican lawmakers earlier in the day. 

Davis was non-committal about his views on the immigration issue, leaving 13th CD viewers somewhat confused about exactly where he stands on the controversy coming before Congress. Will the Congressman support allowing Dreamers to stay and does he see the need for the wall Trump advocates?

"Let's see what the end results are," Davis said. "Now's the time to put ideas on the table."

What do you think after hearing this interview?  


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  1. I am surprised so many “Trump Republicans” are upset by that televised White House meeting. Of all people, by now they should understand that Trump works and negotiates on several levels.
    This is an ELECTION YEAR, but it is NOT “Trump’s Election Year.” What he has done is not only to toss this into the laps of congressmen and senators, but to toss it to the voters, who will put pressure on those same congressmen and senators to “get it done,” or GET OUT!
    They better pay attention, or prepare for angry voters and determined opponents to replace them!
    It’s like how, during his campaign for election, Trump used the loud, squawking media against both the Democrats and itself, and WON. You will eventually see this as a similar stroke of genius, AND IT WILL WORK!

  2. I firmly believe that Davis is part of the Amnesty crowd- aka McCain and Graham.
    I saw this segment and he purposely wondered all over the place.
    He could have stated something like this:
    1. Secure the Border. Build the WALL and that means personnel guarding it as well as electronic surveillance.
    2. End Auto Birth citizenship under present policy. (no PL or SCOTUS decision has ever been issued that states the children of illegal aliens have auto birth citizenship) Pass legislation that requires at least one parent to be a permanent legal resident (Wong Kim Ark 1898)
    3. Penalties for illegal entry. Illegal entry is presently subject to a fine of only $50 to $250. Present law makes it only a misdemeanor for first time offense
    although it can be a felony with up to 10 years imprisonment for subsequent illegal entry. Increase initial fines dramatically, $5,000 minimum for first offense and make mandatory
    detention required. Double the fine as well as jail time for second offense.
    4. Stepped up enforcement of deportation which includes ID of Visa overstays as a high priority.
    5. Mandated nationwide E-Verify. Not easy but was included in the 1986 Amnesty bill then promptly ignored for all practical purposes.
    $10,000 fines for each violation and jail time for employers with second offense.
    6. Increase prevailing wage for H-!B Visas. Minimum wage of $75,000 so as not to be used as substitute for American workers.
    7. National immigration policy based upon a point system that identifies immigrants with unique skills and not a substitute cheap labor source
    (see point 6). End chain migration and include only spouse and children of those allowed entry under permanent legal status.