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Illinois skewed jobs data to get federal OK to waive work requirement for food stamp recipients




A government accountability group says it appears the state of Illinois is skewing employment data in order to allow more healthy Illinoisans to receive taxpayer-funded food stamps without having to work.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture approved an Illinois Department of Human Services waiver request in October for the entire 2018 calendar year. The move means able-bodied Illinois adults without dependents (ABAWD) can continue to get food stamps without having to seek work.



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  1. The state of Illinois skew?? How dare they say that, its not like they don’t obey the state constitution’s balanced budget amendment and skew the numbers to justify it. Would the organized crime in Illinois state govt do such a thing, its not like the FBI called Illinois the most corrupt state in america….. oh yes they did

  2. NOTE: Listed below are Optiona lexpenditures not required
    Optional benefits offered in Illinois
    According to the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation, as of 2017, the optional benefits included in the bulleted list below were offered in Illinois. Note that other, less common specialized services may also be offered, such as nutrition services and acupuncture. For more complete information on Medicaid benefits, links to state Medicaid offices can be found here.[18][20]
    Freestanding ambulatory surgery centers
    Public and mental health clinics
    Certified registered nurse anesthetists
    Dental care
    Dental surgery
    Occupational therapy
    Physical therapy
    Speech/hearing/language therapy
    Hearing aids
    Home medical equipment
    Adult health screenings
    Case management
    Home or community-based long-term care
    Hospice care
    Inpatient psychiatric care for individuals under age 21
    Inpatient care for mental diseases for individuals age 65+
    Intermediate care for intellectual disabilities

  3. Food stamps should be the responsibility of state governments. The U.S. Dept. of Agriculture disobeys the 10th Amendment, since the Constitution doesn’t mention farming. Congress should abolish that department, saving about $25 billion, per year. Since the federal government would need less money, the same bill should cut tax rates for all federal income taxpayers. As soon as that happens, some state legislatures will change their tax rates and/or spending and ensure that the poor won’t suffer.