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Ives blasts Garber comment as “disgusting”



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WHEATON – Wednesday morning, GOP gubernatorial primary candidate Jeanne Ives blasted Illinois Lottery Control Board Chairman Blair Garber calling East St. Louis a "s###hole" as reported earlier.

Democrats are calling for the governor to publicly condemn Garber's comment. 

“It's a disgusting remark. Those kinds of statements from a person in a position of service to the State of Illinois cannot be tolerated," Ives said in a statement. "There are a lot of families and a lot of communities struggling in Illinois because of terrible public policy choices made by ruling class politicians in both parties, including Gov. Rauner. The people suffering under the rule of craven, career politicians don't deserve to be ridiculed, the craven, career politicians do.

“Rauner will have to decide if his loyalties lie with people supporting him politically or the people he was elected to serve.

“Rauner should immediately remove Blair Garber from the Lottery Control Board.”

Garber, a Rauner appointee and political ally, is yet another source of controversy at Rauner's Illinois Lottery. The Chicago Tribune recently exposed the influence of Rauner-connected super-lobbyist Nancy Kimme in the selection of the state lottery's new outside management firm. This is the same Nancy Kimme who was part of Rauner's transition team and who, during Rauner's time in office, has racked up $17 billion worth of state contracts for her clients trading on her relationship with Rauner and former Rauner staffers.

“Rather than shaking up Springfield and turning around Illinois, Governor Rauner has allowed Springfield insiders, who can barely contain their contempt for the people of the state –  to shake down Illinois families while he turned away from the fight."


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  1. I wish politicians wouldn’t be beholden to scoring political points against their political opponents. East St. Louis is a bowl-movement-hole. Jeanne Ives and Bruce Rauner and the Fat Slob and the token minorities that the Fat Slobs opponents are running with would never dare to walk down the streets of East St. Louis, nor would any sane person. It’s a disgusting land of filth. Can we act as though a remark, even from an elitist like a guy named Blair, that describes a disgusting neighborhood correctly is not the ultimate in offensiveness?

  2. I just find it amusing that GOP Committemen, of a liberal ilk, who have run their organizations into the ground – and can”t produce votes worth a darn – always end up with fat jobs from the Rinos in Springfield.
    Same happened in Niles Twp. where liberal Sheldon Marcus ran a once-vibrant GOP organization into the ground, but offered a paper endorsement to George Ryan, and secured jobs in the IL govt, for his 2 kids and his 2 remaining Rino precinct captains.
    After Ryan’s indictment and sentencing, conservatives swept in and ousted Marcus and revitalized the organization.
    The same will happen to Evanston’s Blair Garber.

  3. Interesting. In the debate last week she told Rauner to stop picking on Mike Madigan!
    Will this be a fund raiser for Rep. Ives to prove she sees great charm in East St. Louis and is real courageous to do promos for the city?
    Win prizes in the Jeanne Journey election!
    Tickets start at $250 for one, $600 for two!
    First Prize: Four weeks at the East St. Louis Motel 6
    Second Prize: Two weeks at the East St. Louis Motel 6
    Third Prize: One hour with brown bag lunch with Jeanne and realty developer Alex Kaplan
    Winners must provide their own transportation and armed guards
    Maybe Jeanne should be like Jane Byrne…move into public housing in East St. Louis and prove her faith in its future!
    Their escape plan? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4JARDvdrAxk

  4. The leading “Fake News” blog in Illinois “Capitol Fax” (a/k/a “Home of Oswego Willy” the troll who posts about one hundred comments per day claiming to be a Republican while endorsing all Democratic positions on all issues)is trying to smear Jean Ives and upset her February 1, 2018 fundraiser. The objection of Rich Miller, a constant apologist for the Madigan Democrats, is that a guest speaker at the fundraiser is a conservative commentator (Bill Whittle) who favors restricting immigration and the welfare state. Zounds!