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DuPage County conservatives to Rauner supporters: You don’t share our values



Screen Shot 2018-01-31 at 12.00.39 PM
West Suburban Patriot founder Carol Davis (c) with Jan Shaw (l) and Pat Armstrong (r)

DuPAGE County – Republican DuPage County leaders that endorsed Governor Rauner in the upcoming IL GOP gubernatorial primary upset local conservatives like West Suburban Patriot founder Carol Davis

Davis' group <members> – known as one of the nation's largest active Tea Party orgs – officially endorsed supports Jeanne Ives in the upcoming IL GOP primary race. (See endorsement correction below the fold) 

"I founded West Suburban Patriots nine years ago, and I lead the group to this day. Some DuPage County 'leaders' on this list portray themselves as people who share the principles and values of our organization. Some have been given brief opportunities to speak at our meeting," Davis said on her Facebook page. 

NOTE: IR apologizes and corrects the story to list those groups that HAVE endorsed Ives – which this group did not.

Ives lists groups that have endorsed her as the Northwest Side GOP Club, Wheatland Township Republican Organization, Fremont Township Republican Organization, Republican Organization of Wheeling Township, Chicago GOP, Batavia Township Republican Organization, Wauconda Township Republican Organization, Republican Assembly of Lake County, and Tax Accountability (Taxpayers United of America).

"I am putting them on notice: if YOUR NAME is legitimately on this list endorsing Rauner, you DO NOT share our values. As long as I lead this organization, your opportunity to address our attendees is over. In your endorsement of Rauner you have betrayed every value & principle that we stand for and work our @#$%& off for every day.

"YOU are part of the problem in this state: a GOP which stands for NOTHING and has NO MORAL COMPASS."

Last week, Rauner challenger Jeanne Ives held a press conference in which several of her Illinois House colleagues endorsed her bid to oust the governor.
DuPage County elected leaders that endorsed Rauner this week include:
Dan Cronin, DuPage County Board Chairman
Steve Chirico, Mayor of Naperville
Jim Durkin, State Representative – 82nd District
John Curran, State Senator – 41st District
Patti Bellock, State Representative – 47th District
Grant Wehrli, State Representative – 41st District
Christine Winger, State Representative – 45th District

Bob Berlin, DuPage County State’s Attorney
Fred Bucholz, DuPage County Recorder
Gwen Henry, DuPage County Treasurer
Paul Hinds, DuPage County Clerk
Richard Jorgenson, DuPage County Coroner
Greg Hart, DuPage County Board
Brian Krajewski, DuPage County Board and DuPage County Republican Party Chairman
Sean Noonan, DuPage County Board
Don Puchalski, DuPage County Board
Kevin Wiley, DuPage County Board
James Zay, DuPage County Board
Rich Veenstra, Mayor of Addison
Richard Irvin, Mayor of Aurora
Chuck Nelson, Deputy Mayor of Aurora
Kevin Wallace, Village President of Bartlett
Franco Coladipietro, Village President of Bloomingdale
Len Austin, Village President of Clarendon Hills
Martin Tully, Mayor of Downers Grove
Steven Morley, Mayor of Elmhurst
Rodney Craig, Mayor of Hanover Park
Jeff Pruyn, Mayor of Itasca
John Egofske, Mayor of Lemont
Ken McClafferty, Village Trustee of Lemont
Kevin Coyne, City Councilman of Naperville
Ruben Pineda, Mayor of West Chicago
Noreen Ligino-Kubinski, Alderman of West Chicago
Michael Gresk, Mayor of Wheaton
Todd Scalzo, City Councilman of Wheaton
Frank Trilla, Mayor of Willowbrook
Jim Mathieson, Wheaton Community Unit School District 200 Member


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  1. One correction to this story: West Suburban Patriots does NOT officially endorse candidates, so “we” (the group) have not endorsed Ives. However, many of us individually are supporting Jeanne. The people involved with WSP are very tuned-in, active and engaged citizens. We help to educate those attending our events regarding the issues and the candidates. We don’t think we need to dictate to them who they must support, but prefer to leave it up to each individual. Our main beef with this list of elected officials is that they have come out in support of Rauner, a man who has rejected their entire Republican platform. That is hypocrisy. They could have chosen to remain neutral and NOT ENDORSE ANYONE.
    (BTW, the unidentified lady in the pink shirt with Jan & I in the photo is our fabulous Treasurer, Pat Armstrong)

  2. “DuPAGE County – Republican DuPage County leaders that endorsed Governor Rauner in the upcoming IL GOP gubernatorial primary upset local conservatives like West Suburban Patriot founder Carol Davis…”
    If that’s not an endorsement, What is???
    You speak un-truth when you say…
    “West Suburban Patriots does NOT officially endorse candidates, so “we” (the group) have not endorsed Ives. However, many of us individually are supporting Jeanne.”
    Are you Hot or Cold. YOU ARE endorsing Jeanne Ives… to pretend otherwise is an insult to our collective intelligence
    This is why the Tea Party as evolved from the economic issues to this extreme out of touch unreliable organization.

  3. The liberal snowflakes in the GOP want the conservatives to leave so no one can challenge their bankrupt ideas. Grow up.
    You should be comfortable voting for the Fat Slob Pritzker in the fall. You have the same beliefs.

  4. This is not difficult to understand. This woman is not a part of the GOP group that voted to endorse Rahm’s friend Rauner. Her group is a group of independent conservatives that don’t like Rauner but don’t make endorsements. What is so hard to understand?
    Your home is in the Democrat party.

  5. In the old days, the city Democrat ward organizations would have “walking around money.” That would be a huge wad of cash that the Committeeman had in his desk drawer and would hand out at will.
    I personally knew of corrupt Republican Committeemen who adopted the same tactic.
    I’m speculating, that there has been more than a bit of Rauner “walking around money” flowing into the political economy of Dupage and Cook counties.

  6. Your response changes the subject from, TEA PARTY Not consistent with in it’s own statement, back to your Jeanne Koolaid drinking stupor of “Bla Bla Bla.. Rauner is a Dem… Bla Bla Bla any one who disagrees with you is an idiot… Bla Bla Bla… one who think Jeanne is a dofuss is Rino Democrat BLA BLA BLA BLA…
    The fact, as stated in Carol Davis. own words speak for themselves…
    In the End the Truth is Carol Davis is endorsing Jeanne Ives, and here double talk about “…NOT officially endorse candidates…” is not honest.

  7. StevieDAnderson, do Republicans who want to slash taxes want the GOP to be a safe space for them, a place where no one can challenge their ideas? What about Republicans who oppose citizenship for dreamers or who want a wall built? What about those who want to beef up the military or work on pension reform or support the 2nd Amendment or want to reduce environmental and business regulations? Do they want a safe space where no one can challenge their ideas? Or do they welcome into the GOP those who work to grant citizenship to dreamers, who oppose a wall, who want to downsize the industrial military complex, ban guns, and make environmental and business regulations more stringent? Just wondering…

  8. The list that you have Carol are people that will never show up to your clubhouse and do not care about the Tea Party it’s a gesture of futility and the diminishes your stature in the DuPage County political world

  9. I totally agree with Carol Davis. You can be in favor of a candidate without having your organization endorse HER. From what I have heard about Jeanne Ives, I think she would be a godsend to the statehouse as opposed to the betrayer-in chief Rauner.

  10. Anonymous speech has a long history in this country with Thomas Paine and Common Sense. If I used my true identity there are people that would personally and financially attack me and I’m not independently wealthy or have powerful friends to protect me.
    the only protection I have is my Anonymous speech

  11. Romberg, you need to disappear back into your little rabbit hole, because it appears reality is too much for you to cope with. “Will never show up at…” is a bizarre comment, because several on that DuPage County Elected Officials list HAVE shown up at our meetings in past election cycles, begging me for 3-minute slots during our Candidate Spotlight segment so they could (now we know) tell LIES to attendees. BTW, I could care less about “my stature in the DuPage County political world”. That’s a world I abhor and recoil from, which is WHY I started a tea party group. If the GOP had stuck to their PLATFORM, there would never have been a tea party movement! Yes, there are actually some people who have things called “principles” and “values” that mean more to them than “stature”.