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Dem gubernatorial candidate Daniel Biss passes Kennedy in latest polling



SPRINGFIELD – A new We Ask America poll shows Democratic gubernatorial hopeful Daniel Biss climbing into second place past Chris Kennedy in a crowded field of governor hopefuls, the polling company says.

"At the same time, frontrunner J.B. Pritzker’s lead has diminished to a level where this may soon turn into a much more interesting race," the statement says.

JB Pritzker is leading with 29.79% and Daniel Biss at 17.43% – with Chris Kennedy now at 11.50%. 

Here are the latest results from We Ask America's poll conducted Jan. 29-30, 2018 (811 responses; Margin of Error ±3.44%:

Screen Shot 2018-01-31 at 12.09.49 PM


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  1. This shows that Bruce Rauner’s ads are working. Governor Rauner understands the Illinois voter and they respond to his messaging. Thank you Governor for listening to our voice and standing up to Madigan.

  2. Once again, RINO Rauner, is scared to death, that if the 30% conservative Republican and Independent base doesn’t support him – he is doomed, electorally.
    They were betrayed once. They won”t sheepishly fall in line this time.
    He betrayed conservatives on the gamble that by making IL a “sanctuary state” for illegal aliens – he’d get tons of Latino votes (as a Republican candidate.)
    Good luck to him with that – because the anger he has caused among Americans will almost certainly offset the trickle of Latino voters that he will get – by a factor of 5.
    What a horrible RINO miscalculation!

  3. I met Daniel Biss on the platform of the Davis St. Metra station, when he was collecting signatures for himself – and I collecting signatures for a Republican candidate.
    I can honestly say, he has all the personality of a tepid pot of gruel.
    He wouldn’t even be in politics, had not his big-money suburban family pushed him into it.