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Thorner/O’Neil: Anyone concerned about the sexual harassment of school children?



58a0c297f703a9087cc34ef7_RebeccaHagelinBy Nancy Thorner & Bonnie O'Neil - 

Are women the most frequent victims of sexual harassment?  It seems they are with all the recent daily accusations and revelations from women. However, there are varying opinions about this issue, such as those by journalist Rebecca Hagelin, who questions whether women are the most frequent victims. She provides reasons in her opinion piece printed in the December 10 issue of the Washington Times.

While it is essential we stand with victims of abuse and expose those who engage in sexual harassment, it is equally important to establish exactly what defines sexual harassment and determine a reasonable amount of time in which an incident must be reported. Unlike some countries, the American justice system protects the innocent by following established rules and regulations. The accused is considered innocent until proven guilty. Americans despise unfairness and shudder at the thought that an innocent person could be punished for a crime he/she did not commit.

American Children as Victims of Sexual Harassment

This issue of sexual harassment is important, but Hageling exposes another important issue that is somewhat related but deserves far more attention.  America’s children have become victims in classrooms across the United States, as they are exposed to graphic sexual material, brainwashed into accepting all manner of sexual activity as normal, and placed into situations that invite abuse.  

The foundation for this perverted childhood teaching and abuse was set forth by Alfred Kinsey in the 1940s and 1950s under the guise of “science”.  Kinsey — now known as one of history’s most prolific pedophiles who sexually abused countless children and babies — encouraged his followers likewise to do so, and then Kinsey wrote about these experiences.  Kinsey persuaded liberal educators of his day to develop and distribute a genre of “sex education” reflecting his own gross, disturbing practices and conclusions.  

Today’s “progressive” movement, which still worships Kinsey’s suppositions, has expanded our children's former basic school sex education class and incorporated Kinsey's warped conclusions into our children’s school experience.

Public Unawareness of Sex Education

The American public is largely unaware of how blatantly graphic our sex education classes have become in most schools.  Much of this was incorporated into the controversial Common Core curriculum, which has proved to be exceedingly descriptive regarding a variety of explicit sexual issues. The material does more to entice children’s curiosity and sexual experimentation than prevent it. This questionable curriculum often begins as early as kindergarten and is incorporated every grade thereafter.  Our colleges have sex classes today that would shock students' parents. 

We cannot blame young teens for being curious and certainly they need to know the basics of the body changes they are or soon will be experiencing. However, the goals parents expect is not what is happening in schools today.  Children are being fed doses of sexually based material that has been incorporated into more subjects than just health classes, much of which parents would consider highly inappropriate for the grade level, such as middle school students learning about different sexual techniques and how they are practiced.  The fact is public schools are teaching our children far more than what is age appropriate and are doing so without their parents’ permission or even awareness.  Children today are being enticed to engage in massive sexual experimentation under the umbrella of our public education system.

Advocates claim graphic sex education is necessary to prevent sexual intimacy among teens, but common sense, as well as statistics, prove when young students are given explicit information about sex, taught how to put on a condom, provided with condoms, and given examples of various sexual positions, that is encouraging not discouraging sexual experimentation. 

Pubic Schools as Supporters of Planned Parenthood

Our schools have become advertisers for Planned Parenthood, which, of course, schools and Planned Parenthood deny.  However, consider this analogy: a teacher spoke to a class about how to make a cake. She explains various types you can choose; she provides you with specific steps to follow for success and how to avoid a misstate. She then gives each person the basic ingredients needed as they exit the class.  How can any rational person believe this teacher has discouraged a student from trying to bake what sounds wonderful? 

Students are told in sex education classes even more details as to what they can/should do if they make a mistake and a pregnancy occurs. The options are made to sound so simple, not unlike if you have a headache.  Just take a few pills and if taken soon enough, a pregnancy will not occur.  If one waits too long there are abortion clinics in most every large city and a quick procedure will end the pregnancy.  If you need help, students are told they can receive information from school authorities and their parents need not be informed.    

What schools, Planned Parenthood, and media sources avoid mentioning is that there were 500 abortion related deaths in the U.S. from 1973 to 2013.  It seems that would be a strong deterrent for any woman to consider before engaging in sexual activities. There are also emotional consequences that often appear later in life and those do not go away with a pill.

Jay Middle School in Jay, Oklahoma, is one of many under fire from some parents who say the school took a sex education class way too far.  Parent Mandy Callihan posted on Facebook that her 12-year-old daughter came to her in tears after she was too embarrassed to complete a sex education assignment she considered highly inappropriate.  As soon as the mother read her child’s school worksheet she understood her daughter's concern.  The questions asked of these 12 and 13-year-old students alluded to sexual acts that would be repulsive to many adults.      

Lack of Common Sense prevails

There has been an increase of sexual assaults on college campuses which may in part be due to the graphic sex education classes described above or to the even more sexually graphic classes in our colleges, such as ones in which teachers assign students to engage in and then make a report regarding a sex related activity they have not yet tried.  If they want extra credit they can also explain their experience to the class for extra credit. This seems to fit in with the mentality of our exceedingly liberal colleges that have incorporated integrated male/female dorms and thus common shared use of bathroom and showering facilities. The administration is shocked when a rape occurs.

What has happened to basic, elementary, rational thinking?  Why would our schools and colleges want to make it exceptionally easy for sexual encounters to occur?  They must certainly know that hormones are raging among this specific age group.  Yet sex is blatantly advertised in a variety of ways that entice young adults to experiment and become prime targets for inappropriate, irresponsible, and often regrettable sexual encounters that can ruin their lives.

This invitation to immorality is ignored with a bevy of excuses.  Students are told it is rare for anyone to remain a virgin until marriage, but what part do our schools and society play even if that is true?  Throughout history and up until about the 1970s, most people managed self-control and refrained from premarital sex and thus pregnancies. If we are following the correct course, the question becomes why are there are so many more pregnancies?  Have we become so accustomed to thinking “everyone does it” that this issue is no longer open for discussion?  Why are we ignoring the horrendous fact that over sixty (60) million aborted infant lives have been terminated since Roe vs. Wade

Woodstock introduced “free love” and society accepted it without realizing nothing in life is free. This immorality has led to a deterioration of America’s culture.  Couples are not marrying; they choose instead to live together. If and when things don’t work out, individuals leave their relationship with ease and move on to someone else.  Sadly, even our churches remain silent on this issue, making one wonder who among us is strong enough to stand up and say this must stop.

Without Morality a Nation is Doomed

According to the 2010 Census data, over 7.5 million unmarried couples live together (which translates into 15 million people). This is a whopping 138% increase since 1990 and a 13% increase just from 2009.  Sadly, 40 percent of unmarried households have children. On average, researchers concluded that couples who lived together before they tied the knot saw a 33 percent higher rate of divorce than those who waited to live together until after they were married.  Many, if not most of these couples, have children who will likely repeat their parent’s social habits, even if their experience proven to be detrimental.  

This immoral trend is unhealthy for our Country.  Our forefathers knew that without morality a nation is doomed. President George Washington stated: “Religion and morality are the essential pillars of a civil society.”  Benjamin Franklin confirmed that saying “Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom.  As nations become corrupt and vicious, they have more need of masters."

How can we stop this immoral landslide when the pillars of our society are unwilling or unable to do so?  Some believe it must be the leaders of our churches who call attention to this escalating problem. Others insist our schools are the major problem as they hijacked the responsibilities of parents and in the process made things worse for our children and society.  Our churches have sadly remained silent on this issue.

No matter who has been at fault, each of us who remain silent contributes to the problem.  Our silence has been taken as acceptance. Each of us who sees these negatives must stand up and speak out to facilitate needed changes.  Only then can we pass on to future generations the positives our forefathers gave us. We have made many important discoveries that have physically enhanced our lives, but we are guilty of allowing greater immorality issues to infiltrate our families and/or society.  For the sake of our children and grandchildren we all must speak out against the immorality which has infected our society.


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  1. As my uncle used to say, figures lie and lairs figure. What your article avoiding mentioning is that giving birth is a more risky activity than having an abortion. According to the report you cited for the 500 abortion-related deaths from 1973 to 2013,that number translates into a maternal mortality rate (deaths per 100,000 abortions) of 0.76 over that time period. The mortality rate is a much more relevant statistic to cite. By comparison giving birth has a much higher maternal mortality rate. In the US, the rate has grown from about 17 deaths per 100,000 births in 1990 to 26.4 in 2015 (the study is referenced here). Therefore, a stronger deterrent to sexual activity is not abortion, but giving birth. Are you avoiding the live birth statistic?

  2. Have you cosidered that an abortion always destroys a human life? That is a 100 % death rate and there have been almost 60 million babies in the womb who have been terminated since Roe vs. Wade. I ask this question of you … are you avoiding the fact abortion is murder? An innocent life within a mther’s womb was once considered one of the safest places in the World. Today, it is the most dangerous.