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Rauner / ILGOP Mouthpiece Admits “Madigan’s Favorite Republican” label is … “a joke.”



Republican voters have been inundated by negative ads from the Rauner campaign arguing that State Rep. Jeanne Ives (R), who is challenging Rauner in the Primary, is Democrat House Speaker Mike Madigan's "Favorite Republican."

Interestingly, Pat Brady, former Chairman of the Illinois Republican Party, and a Rauner insider, has admitted publicly that the whole thing is … "a joke." 

Earlier this week, Brady posted the "Madigan's Favorite Republican" site on Facebook. The comments section was brutal, to which Brady eventually responded, "Lighten Up. It's a joke."




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  1. Whether or not it was a joke is irrelevant. Brady accomplished what he set out to do, which was to publicly slam Jeanne Ives.
    The real joke here (just like Bruce Rauner) is Pat Brady and his reign as chairman of the Illinois GOP. He was and remains a joke to the conservative principles upon which the Republican Party is supposed to adhere.

  2. How does this clown (Brady) have any official standing in the Illinois Republican Party? He was forced out as State Party Chairman for refusing to support the party platform. He is no longer on the State Central Committee. What is his official title? Precinct committeeman?

  3. Pat Brady could never serve again in the Party. He is a consultant for the status quo leaders of the Party who fail and continue to fail to increase voting strength. Persons who should be voting and paying dues to our unprincipled party have given up hope. Those that can are moving north or west to different states. The one percent clique of ehivh the Governor was and is a member is noy interested in real growth in the State as long as their investments pay off. The do not care if at the end of the day their hedging results in financial profits from Communist China or Tonga.
    They make billions when housing crashes as it did in 2007 or when illegal aliens lowe labor cost of the their investments.

  4. A “joke,” Pat Brady says? Then why did his patron saint Bruce Rauner just send out TWO mailings with this very same accusation?
    Let’s call it like it is: The accusation that Jeanne Ives is “Madigan’s favorite Republican” is a lie. Therefore, Pat Brady is a liar, and Bruce Rauner is a liar. Why don’t these two RINOs join the “Illinois Exodus” and let us REAL Republicans fix the State..?

  5. Yes, Chase, that was me. In this political cesspool known as Illinois, we (unfortunately) rarely find ourselves voting for an appealing candidate, but rather the lesser of two evils – a la Mark Kirk or any of Republican state reps who handed Mike Madigan the most recent income tax increase.
    While I don’t enjoy having to make pragmatic choices when voting, it’s all too often the norm for a party that readily accepts people such as Pat Brady and Tim Schneider to ‘lead’ the party and who pretend to believe in its conservative principles. Electing Pat Quinn would have guaranteed maintaining the status quo for Madigan and his lemmings. Rauner at least gave us an opportunity to put the brakes on liberal Democrats and their death wish for Illinois, but he clearly failed and, worse, does not have the spine or will to change the state’s direction.
    Jeanne Ives has more honesty, courage, determination, policy knowledge, and leadership skills than Rauner will ever muster and the likes of party RINOs like Brady and Schneider will ever understand. As I said four years ago, saving Illinois from the insanity and ravages of liberalism will not happen overnight. But if we throw in the proverbial towel and concede this state to the party of entitlement promoters and identity politics, the net exodus from this state by those will increase in pace and leave it to those who deserve what they have created.

  6. His “title”, if you can call it that, is:
    “Semi-official Republican Party Expert” in charge of being interviewed on WLS-AM radio any time the host has a question about the Illinois GOP.
    It pisses me off every time they put him on the air.

  7. I suppose if we would have elected Pat Quinn, why, we could have had higher taxes, been $1 billion behind in late payments, made the entire state a sanctuary state, expanded state funding of abortions, bailed out Chicago Public Schools, expanded favoritism of gays and transgenders, and codified favoritism of Islam into state government.
    Good thing we didn’t have Quinn to endure the last four years. Its a good thing we encouraged Democrats to push their social agenda the last four years. At least we got some fiscal conserv, wait, never mind.
    Please stop helping. You’re making things far worse.

  8. Well, no one ever went wrong underestimating the stupidity and inattention of the average voter.
    Trying to get them to pay attention for more than a 60-second TV blurb is almost impossible.
    You get the same BLANK look on their faces as
    you see viewing a beige wall.
    They complain about taxes but don’t study the candidates, even though whichever one gets elected will have the hand of taxation on their wallets.

  9. Pat Brady is a sick joke. He clearly has some serious mental issues judging by his disturbing behavior in the past, and the anger and hostility he still directs at the President of the United States every chance he gets.

  10. I continually hear these Rauner ads on the radio, splicing and misusing quotes from Jeanne Ives which cannot be representing her real views on Madigan.
    (Madigan’s favorite pal is RAUNER, who gave the Democrats nearly everyting they want.)
    Listening to so many of these ads I thought: “That announcer’s voice is familiar, I have heard it before!”
    Then I realized: He is the same S.O.B. who does vicious political ads for the DEMOCRATS.