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Unedited response from Aaron Del Mar about Palatine Township GOP endorsement



Del-mar1PALATINE – Palatine Township GOP Chairman Aaron Del Mar (pictured with Gov Rauner) responded to Illinois Review's request for comment with the following statement, which he specifically offered only if it would be published unedited and in its entirety.

Del Mar's response to the allegations made by fellow Palatine Township Republicans in "Rigged" 2016 elections into "rigged" endorsements, IL GOP Faithful Complain"

Thank you for the opportunity to respond to the egregious and categorically false claims stated by Ives for Illinois paid staffer Vicki Wilson. The Palatine Township Endorsement session was held last night, and all candidates were given the opportunity to present including Representative Ives. After the all the candidates finished their speeches, all the votes were submitted and tallied and reported. The tabulation was done directly by our board consisting of no less than 9 or our 12 board members. The votes were based on this weighted scale; The twelve board members were given 5 votes each, precinct captains were given 3 votes each and general members were given 1 vote each. This was done for the following reason, it is my belief that our 12-member board deserves move weighted vote due to the fact that they do 98% of all the volunteering work for the organization thru our events, parades, fundraising, monthly meetings and media and are due more input for endorsing than a person who is simply a member and does nothing but show up at the endorsement session. Same reasoning goes behind why precinct captains have a 3 vote, etc. I will also point out that an audit of our board showed that 66% of our board was for Gov. Rauner and 33% was for Rep. Ives, so taking out general membership, would still have garnered Gov. Rauner an endorsement.

It’s also important to point out that Mrs. Zold, Mrs. Tragas, and Mr. Cramer who are quoted in your article just became members of PTRO the night of the election, presumably to cast votes for Mrs. Ives and did not have any previous PTRO membership or participation, furthermore, Mr. Cramer is actually a resident of Schaumburg Township and came to the Palatine Endorsement session in an attempt to alter the results in favor of Rep. Ives. 

Finally, I think it is critical to report that State Representative Tom Morrison who is with the Jeanne Ives campaign and one of her most stringent supporters, is also PTRO member and contributor and he personally audited the votes and confirmed the tally today. 

We stand by our endorsement session and its results.

We support Rep. Ives strong commitment to conservative values, and we recognize her strong leadership and outstanding understanding of policy and we truly wish her the best of luck in all her pursuits. We do not however support the behavior of her paid staff member calling into question the integrity and hard work of our board and of our endorsement session.

The collaborative nature of her supporters to try discredit the result of our endorsement session when they didn’t like the result is not representative of Republican values and we hope that this doesn’t happen to other organizations who choose not to endorse her.

It is the position of the Palatine Township Republican Organization to support all Republicans and we want to make it clear while we fully endorse Governor Rauner and firmly believe he is the only candidate who has the means and messaging to win in November, that if Rep Ives wins the March primary will look past the behavior of her staff and we will fervently support her through November and on. We also hope that after March 20th all Republicans, no matter who they supported in the primary, will put their differences aside and unite to defeat the Democrats in November.

Aaron Del Mar

Palatine Township Republican Committeeman


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  1. If you are wondering why sane Republican leaders prevented Del Mar from being appointed to a vacant State Senate seat (wisely choosing Rooney instead) all you need to do is read the IR archives. He was so bad as county chair that his own allies eventually had to draft Morrison as a replacement to save face.
    As for some people not wanting to be full-time members of PTRO it may be because they do not want to associate with the narcissistic committeeman on a regular basis. I know a number of residents who have limited their activism or pick and choose candidates or work in nearby townships rather than PTRO.

  2. If the vote were not weighted, would Rauner still have won? Is the use of the “superdelegate” system a traditional practice in Palatine Township? How many precinct captains are there? How many general members voted? I ask because the math I can tabulate from Chairman Del Mar’s response shows that even though the board vote was 8 to 4 and a deficit of 4 votes, the superdelegate approach means that Ives was down by a count of 40 to 20 before precinct captains and general membership were considered. Depending on the number of other people voting, this could mean that Jeanne Ives or any challenger would need a supermajority to overcome the initial 4 vote deficit.
    I believe that no one should be able to become a member of an organization and vote for an endorsement on the same night, but then why is that allowed by your bylaws? Since it is allowed, I think Del Mar’s complaints are just as much sour grapes as the protest by Ives’s people.

  3. I can assure Aaron Del Mar – that after his convoluted gobbledygook rationale – I, as an independent conservative will be opposing RINO Rauner, at all costs, should he somehow advance to the general election, which is somewhat doubtful.
    BTW – I was working precincts for Republicans well before this little fellow, Del Mar, was out of his diapers.
    I really believe that Rauner is electorally doomed.

  4. Welcome to Aaron Delmar’s Wacky World of Mathematics, a place where politicians can say anything they want, and it become true! Based on Humpty Dumpty’s famous line “When I use a word it means just what I choose it to mean—neither more nor less.
    Aaron can do that with numbers! A modern Newton, no less!
    Aaron’s meaning of ONE
    Therefore one equals three which also equals five! Therefore, 3 = 5.
    It’s so easy!

  5. Allowing people to join an organization on the day of a straw poll or an endorsement session is motivated by pure greed by various organizations and committeemen. It is hypocritical for people like Del Mar to want to have it both ways: he collects their money and then complains that they are there to vote.
    At least the much maligned “poll taxes” were intended to defray the costs of holding elections.

  6. Rauner is doomed electorally. Ives may not win a general election but she would get a higher percentage of Republican votes than Rauner. The liberals Rauner is courting will vote for the Fat Slob. The mushy independents will take one look at what Not In Charge has done to the state and they too will vote for the Fat Slob.

  7. Dear Illinois Review Readers,
    Last night’s PTRO “endorsement” session was an embarrassment for the Republican party on numerous fronts. All citizens who believe in transparency and ethical governance should join me in demanding the results be voided.
    To summarize all of the issues with last night’s “endorsement” session:
    -Ballots were already in the beer cooler/ballot box before the meeting started due to the selling (for the low price of $25) of absentee ballots.
    – Approximately 80 people attended last night in person. Due to Mr. Del Mar’s new rule that ballots would be counted in secret and his refusal to be transparent/count them out in the open as usual, a standup vote took place against his wishes. The clear majority was for Jeanne Ives. That it had to come to that is still unbelievable to me. But the woman (not me) who took charge and did that is one of my heroes.
    – I have asked the number of total ballots cast. No response.
    – I have asked for the number of absentee ballots cast. No response. However, we know it was in the hundreds. Exact number still unknown.
    – Mr. Del Mar publicized this as being open to anyone who wanted to come and pay $25. You didn’t have to live in Palatine township or be a Republican, or even registered. No vetting took place upon arrival.
    – What he did not publicize is that ballots could be purchased ahead of time. Obviously, some people knew that.
    – The process and rules were requested ahead of time by members. Mr. Del Mar responded that he did not have to provide anything and he can run “his” organization anyway he feels.
    – He also told folks last night who questioned the brand-new secret ballot counting maneuver that they could “take their $25 bucks and leave.” It was truly an embarrassing and horribly disrespectful.
    – I have asked for the precinct captain list to be released. People were seen being given PC ballots who have never been seen before at PTRO.
    – I, a longstanding member and active volunteer, was handed the white ballot – 1 vote. Aaron refused to provide me an explanation.
    The IL Republican party should investigate this endorsement session. The only thing that has been released are the percentages. We need real numbers and answers why absentee ballots were allowed to be sold ahead of time to people who don’t live in Palatine township, may not be Republican voters, and may not even be registered. It was a sham. The results should be voided.
    Vicki Wilson
    p.s. Mr. Cramer was not in attendance and did not vote. Mr. Del Mar should retract his statements regarding Mr. Cramer.

  8. Mr. Del Mar,
    I’m not sure I understand how all this works. So, if you work, you get 1 vote. If you work really hard, you get 3 votes. And if you work really, really hard, you get 5? Imagine if that’s how it worked in a primary or general election.
    In your lengthy defense of your eemingly arrogant and indefensible actions, you forgot to mention your reasons for all the secrecy. Please share that explanation–unedited and in its entirety, of course.

  9. What a tragedy it is that this sleazy character is running unopposed for Palatine Township Committeeman! He is an absolute disgrace and the fact that Rauner thinks he is one of the good guys speaks volumes about why he ought to be retired too.

  10. Rauner or Ives will NEVER win. People are sick and tired of the Republican party and their dirty politics.
    It has become the party of deceit and hate filled agendas.
    But please do keep fighting over what Republican will endorse who and which will not make it to office.
    It’s fun to watch and great entertainment lol