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Weyermuller: Trump Approval Rating Soars to 49% after State of Union address




By Mark Weyermuller – 

According to the Drudge Report , President Trump’s approval rating is now 49%. This after a highly successful state on the union address this last Tuesday. 


I saw the President's State of the Union address Tuesday night at the only official Chicago watch party held at McGee’s Tavern on Webster in the DePaul University area. It was sponsored by the Chicago Young Republicans. Almost 80 people attended. 
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One of the loudest cheers came when the president said, “Americans are dreamers too.”  The bar crowd booed as the camera panned democrats looking angry and sad. 
Find out more about the CYRS at Chicagoyrs.com.  


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  1. Thanks for writing this article. Most likely the disgraceful action of the Democrats in their failure to stand and applaud, even when Trump’s words were positive about blacks and Hispanics, convinced many that they were not pleased with what they had observed. There was a time when one Democrat tried to stand up, only to be pulled down by the Democrat seated next to him. It is evident that Democrats were given their marching order from Nancy Pelosi, whose facial expressions were indeed a sight to behold.
    What I didn’t like was that Michael Nerheim, Lake County’s State’s Attorney, accepted an invitation to sit with U.S. Illinois 10th District congressman, Brad Schneider, during Trump’s State of the Union Address.
    This was disgraceful and unacceptable for a Republican elected official of Lake County to do, for he give Scheider something for which he could brag about in the aftermath, and he did!
    Presently there are three Republican candidates running for the seat Schneider now holds. One of whom will be challenging incumbent Schneider in November. It seems that Neerheim, who favors sanctuary cities in IL, feels more comfortable being seen with a Democrat congressman than wanting to see one of the 3 Republican candidates challenging Schneider to win in November.

  2. There are ups and downs but Trump continues to get the lowest approval ratings of any president at the one year mark in his term. He has implemented some very good policies and made good appointments but even so, he is still his own worst enemy because of his tweets and childish personality complex that seems to be incurable at age 71. I still pray for him and want him to succeed but I just wish he would read the Constitution that he swore to uphold.