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Arriving in ILGOP mailboxes statewide: The Governor You Don’t Know




Thousands and thousands of Republican voters received a small brown envelope at the end of last week with a vague return address of "Post Office Box 1504, Wheaton, IL 60187." Inside was a letter from State Rep. Jeanne Ives (R-Wheaton), asking Republicans to review a 40-page booklet entitled "The Governor You Don't Know: the other side of Bruce Rauner." 

The booklet, authored by Chicago GOP Chairman Chris Cleveland, has several short chapters revealing the disappointments Bruce Rauner has wrought on those that backed him in 2014, how he does what he wife says over what the IL GOP platform contends, how the Chicago Public School bailout has hurt your kids and the deal he and Rahm Emanuel made that made them both even richer. 

Inside is included a foreward by State Rep. Tom Morrison (R-Palatine) which says:

In the fall of 2014, I endorsed Bruce Rauner for governor because I believed that the alternative, another four years with Pat Quinn at the helm, would be unthinkably bad for Illinois. Some individuals inside and outside our party gave warnings about Bruce Rauner that should have been heeded. I reluctantly overlooked those red flags, tried to see some good in him and his positions with which I agreed, and hoped for the best. A lot of us did.

The candidate’s rhetoric and campaign commercials then and now can be appealing to some who want to see a better Illinois; however, three years later, Rauner’s own record has persuaded me conclusively that our party and the state must choose a much better leader— and now we can.

I’ve had a fairly close-up view to Governor Rauner— his handling of our state’s agencies, budget and bill review, his relationships with legislative leaders along with rank-and-file General Assembly members, and his executive branch staff. In this book, you’ll be taken behind the scenes as the author reviews the salient events that explain in detail why we are taking the extremely rare step of unseating an incumbent governor from our own party.

His challenger, whom I am fully supporting, is State Representative Jeanne Ives. She is a West Point graduate, economics major, former Army officer, suburban mother of five, former city council member, and three term member of the Illinois General Assembly.

For the past five years, I’ve fought alongside Rep. Jeanne Ives in Springfield, Chicago, the suburbs and viii downstate as she has consistently and vigorously defended Illinois families, taxpayers and businesses— especially those who’ve been abused and ignored by Illinois’ bipartisan ruling class.

Both in and out of the public limelight, she has an unparalleled work ethic and unmatched commitment to an independent, conservative, reform-minded agenda.

Jeanne’s experience, capabilities, and character have made her a standout leader. Her deep knowledge and firm grasp of policy and its consequences put her head and shoulders above all of the other gubernatorial candidates. I’ve seen her defeat bad policies in the House of Representatives by preparing well and probing the right issues during floor debates. I’ve seen her work amicably on difficult issues with colleagues across the ideological spectrum—but without compromising on conservative principles.

As a Hillsdale College undergraduate, I had the privilege and pleasure of hearing many excellent speakers on campus. One really stood out: Lady Margaret Thatcher, former British Prime Minister, spoke on “The Moral Foundations of Society.” A transformational conservative leader and personal friend to President Ronald Reagan, Thatcher answered crises at home and abroad with integrity and resolve. The so-called “Iron Lady” earned the name because, as noted by historian Paul Johnson, “she was a ‘conviction’ politician, as opposed to a consensus one.”

We are fortunate to have our own “Iron Lady” here in Illinois. She will tell the truth and provide real leadership on the solutions that will transform our beloved but beleaguered state. For such a time as this Illinois needs Jeanne Ives as our next governor.

Please read this book and join our fight to save Illinois.

The booklet is also available online HERE


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  1. This book looks like a compilation of all William J Kelly’s articles from the last four years, why did it take Chris Cleveland so long to agree with William J Kelly? Why isn’t William J Kelly in the footnotes?