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As IL GOP gubernatorial race tightens, National Review endorses Ives for Governor



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"Voters in Illinois will head to the polls this Tuesday. They should vote for Jeanne Ives in the Republican gubernatorial primary over the thoroughly disappointing incumbent governor Bruce Rauner, who has forfeited any claim on his party’s nod." 

Thus begins the endorsement posted on National Review Friday. They go on … 

The race to be Illinois’s Republican nominee for governor has tightened considerably, as conservative state representative Jeanne Ives continues to draw closer to incumbent Bruce Rauner in the polls.

Rauner has alienated the Republican base by taking moderate positions in deep-blue Illinois, signing sanctuary-state legislation and bills that allocated taxpayer funding for abortion. He is currently polling at 42 percent to Ives’s 35 percent, according to an internal poll released yesterday by Ogden & Fry.

 About Jeanne Ives, they write … 

Ives is an underdog and lacks Rauner’s resources, but she is both a superior candidate to the governor and a solid politician in her own right. One recent poll has her just 7 points behind Rauner. For his part, the governor is running far behind the likely Democratic nominee — J. B. Pritzker, a cat’s paw of Madigan — and has been unwilling to engage Ives in debate after an embarrassing showing in a joint appearance with her at the Chicago Tribune editorial office. Illinois Republicans should vote for Ives, the only conservative on the ballot.

More HERE.


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  1. Jeanne Ives has my vote based on her leadership ability and resolve. I’m tired of backing these feckless Republican males who are afraid to speak in fear of being called a racist, a homophobe, an Islamophobe, or too conservative. Wake up idiots it’s time to elect a woman in place of another feckless nerd.

  2. Well, on the merits, Rep. Ives has my vote. I will dutifully go out to my polling place and cast my vote for her on Tuesday, for whatever it’s worth.
    But I just discovered that my home Cook County Suburban Township, – a one-time conservative mainstay – has apparently been bought off by Bruce Rauner.
    The Committeeman of the Niles Township Regular Republican Organization, Joe Hedrick, was a conservative stalwart, for as long as I have known him — since 1976 or so.
    He worked as a young republican for Goldwater in ’64 and helped out young republicans like me and Gregg Goslin for Reagan in ’76.
    We got him elected Niles Twp. Committeeman by a 60%-40% margin, via an energetic coalition of Right-to-Lifers, Gun owners and stray Reaganites and Libertarians in 2002, over a mindless RINO Republican committeeman.
    And today, Joe Hedrick’s photo is on the front page of his website, arm and arm with RINO Bruce Rauner.
    And his organization explains it by saying, “We have to support our sitting Republican Governor.
    Am I the only one who thinks that cash might have changed hands here?
    As they said after the 1919 Black Sox scandal after the World Series in Baseball was rigged by mobster cash, “Say it ain’t so, Joe.”
    As Shakespeare wrote in “Julius Caesar,”
    Et tu Brute?
    I will still vote for Jeanne Ives, because she is by far, the superior candidate.
    But am so sickened by the IL GOP, that I am renting a U-Haul for Indianapolis.