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Conservatives’ disgust with Rauner key reason for Ives’ GOP primary challenge



Ives campaigns leading up to March 20th primary | Chicago Tribune photo

WHEATON – The reason State Rep. Jeanne Ives (R-Wheaton) is challenging incumbent GOP Governor Bruce Rauner is not so much that she wanted the hard work that comes with a primary challenge, but more because of how he betrayed the people that put him into his first elected office ever in 2014. 

That's a clear theme of Scott Reeder's profile on Ives in the latest Illinois Times edition.

“Governor Rauner ran as a conservative, without understanding conservatives, which is why – to him – I am a ‘fringe’ candidate. Rauner ran as a conservative, without respecting conservative values, which is why – to him – Trump and his supporters are ‘deplorable,’" Ives said in a statement Reeder used.

“[Rauner] doesn’t understand us. He doesn’t respect us. That is why it was so easy for him to betray us. No matter what he says now that he has a real conservative challenge in this race, it is just more lies and ‘fake news’ from Governor Rauner,” she said.

Ives, whose Rauner's ads portray as being put up to challenging him by House Speaker Mike Madigan, is certainly battling uphill.  Rauner has $55 million to spend on mailers, ads and campaign staff. Ives is severely limited financially compared to Rauner, but money doesn't mean a whole lot to Republican base voters. They're looking for someone that will implement the IL GOP platform.  Rauner has ignored the IL GOP Platform – and if he wins the Illinois GOP primary, many expect him to use his political muscle to water it down when the IL GOP convenes again. 

Reeder puts the race into perspective with quotes from Kent Redfield,a retired political science professor from the University of Illinois Springfield, who says: 

“Rauner is sending out mailers that are absolute falsehoods about Ives. He is saying she is [House Speaker] Mike Madigan’s best buddy. And that is nonsense. The danger she faces is if she doesn’t have enough money to answer back to these lies. If that is the case, then she will get buried by the spending.”

The accusations have struck a nerve with Ives.

“They are flat-out lies. Every Republican in the legislature and most of the Democrats know how hard I have fought Mike Madigan’s agenda. I am no fan of what he has done to this state. Bruce Rauner is telling one lie after another about me. Is it having an effect? Sure, it is. We have to be able to respond. I believe the truth will come out.” 

Redfield said if Ives were to win the governorship, she would be the most conservative person to have served in that office for at least 50 years. 

Read the rest of Reeder's profile HERE.


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  1. I’ve been looking over private neighborhood surveying and every one has Marter behind Kinzinger half as much as Ives is behind Rauner OR Marter actually leading. My question is, how come Tea Party USA, FreedomWorks, etc. haven’t come into the 16th district, yet? Dick Uihlein? The 16th is for the taking. Marter will probably come within 10 points even after Kinzinger threw the entire kitchen sink at the primary.

  2. The gay rights crowd and other lefties are calling Rep. Ives’ TV ad “racist and homophobic.” And, naturally, Republican weasels, like State Rep. Tom Morrison, R-Palatine, jump on the lefty bandwagon.
    They don’t understand that they are putting the future of the entire IL GOP in peril.
    Rauner and Morrison and their ilk are happy to pander to gays and illegal aliens, in vain hope of expanding their voter base.
    And yet, they do nothing but insult proven conservative Republican voters – figuring that we are in their pocket – and have nowhere else to go.
    We have somewhere else to go – and it is “gone fishin'” on election day if Rauner wins the primary.
    That WILL happen if Rauner is the GOP nominee.
    The 30% plus of GOP primary-voting conservatives, will not “put on their big-boy pants” and vote for Rauner, this time around.
    He gambled that he’ll get big votes from radical gay activists and extremist La Raza Latinos.
    They’d better come out in droves for him, if he makes it to the General election, because they’ll have to offset an enormous falloff in base GOP voters.
    This will happen, if Ives is not the Republican nominee.

  3. Rauner troll, go tell that fairy tale somewhere else.
    Folks — I don’t care who you vote for in the race for Governor — that’s your business.
    But I do care about the truth.
    To those flyers that are going out.. the TV ads going out… that say Jeanne Ives is Madigan’s favorite representative, or suggest she’s against lowering property taxes..!!! Well — that is the biggest distortion I’ve heard about Illinois politics in the last 20 years that I’ve covered Illinois politics — and EVERYONE who follows Illinois politics or works in the Capitol knows that’s just plainly RIDICULOUS!
    Jeanne Ives is a rock-solid conservative on fiscal matters, she’s solid on gutting corruption out of Illinois politics and was greatly outspoken in support of getting rid of the former President of the College of DuPage.
    I’ve interviewed her many times, on attacking corruption, on cutting taxes… on her wanting to fix the broken property tax assessment system SO PROPERTY TAXES CAN BE LOWERED!
    So the TRUTH is…. if you want taxpayer funding of abortions, then vote for the Governor, not Jeanne Ives. If you want Illinois to be a sanctuary state, [the Gov signed SB-31] then DON’T vote for Jeanne Ives
    BUT — if you’re a Republican voter who doesn’t know about her and is worried that Jeanne Ives is in cahoots with Mike Madigan…That she’s his favorite representative, that she’s against lowering taxes… well… I can tell you… those are the biggest lies since Rod Blagojevich told us he was for good government, and he would always do what was right!
    Yeah.. right !
    I just want you to know the facts when you go into the voting booth, so that YOUR vote isn’t stolen by having you believe things that another campaign lied to you about.
    As a reporter, MY job is to report the facts. I just did.

  4. Rep Ives debated Gov Rauner and totally destroyed him in front of the Chicago Tribune editorial board; afterwards Trib reporter John Kass wrote; Ives Crushes Rauner in Debate. Cowardly Governor Rauner refuses to debate her again, he obviously fears the best choice for Governor.
    Filthy rich Rauner is using his mega wealth to send out truth-less flyers in the mail and placing those fake news TV ads you see during the dinner hour; not a grain of truth in any of it.
    Greg Hinz, Political Columnist for Crain’s Chicago Business, took Rauner to task for it when he penned a column stating in part “The governor is in full Pinocchio mode…”.
    Even republican state legislators called on republican Gov. Rauner to end his “shameful distortions and fabrications of republican gubernatorial candidate Jeanne Ives’ record.”
    Governor Rauner is scared of Jeanne Ives and for good reason, she is far more skilled and prepared to be Governor of Illinois. I encourage everyone to vote for Jeannne Ives on March 20th for gop candidate for governor, let’s make her the first woman governor of the state of Illinois!

  5. Do you mean there are still people who listen to the homo rights crowd’s lies. Their whole agenda was and is based on lies. Beginning with “we can’t help it because we were born that way, its genetic I know it is.”
    Of course it was proven to be a LIE and they keep on lying. No one can defend homosexuality as something normal or good. It is a mental disorder and an unhealthy sexual perversion. Liberals try to force us to believe their lies, ain’t happening.
    And of course the illegal alien law breakers scream “racist”, because cannot defend their crime. They are not entitled to be above the law. They are entitled to return to their country of origin, that is all!

  6. Another day, another large Republican gathering and another “No Show” performance by Governor “Not in Charge.” Jeanne Ives worked the room shaking hands and people asked for yard signs.
    Nice pile of unclaimed Rauner signs in the corner of the White Eagle.

  7. Mine isn’t so much disgust with Rauner even. It’s the fact that he has a 26% approval rating. It’s virtually impossible to get reelected with that kind of approval rating. What fools think that he’s “electable”?

  8. You are right. But it bothers me that FOX News US, had Rauner on as if he was a good anti-Democrat machine politician – and never mentioned what you point out — or that there is a major rebellion in the Illinois GOP against this leftist poseur.
    Email FOX News and tell them that they had better get serious about covering Illinois politics — and should put Rep. Ives on:
    Email: [email protected]
    You can call Fox News Channel at 1-888-369-4762 to leave a comment.
    Let’s do it!

  9. You folks are insane, really. If you had listened to me you never would have voted for Rauner in the first place and kept Quinn in. Oh no, but IL was going to be so much better off with a Republican. We could have hung he decline of this state on a beautiful democratic neck, nationally and hastened the decline in this state, in order to get it over with. Learn from your mistakes. Support Rauner in the primary so he can get creamed in the fall. Let a Democrat take over and burn the state down. The national party will be all the better for it and having IL under democratic control will keep the hopefully still Federal Government form bailing this state out. We need collapse to get rid of the pension obligations of all the thieving public sector employees who have been robbing us blind. Ives seems like a nice lady, but at best all she can do is prolong the agony and then the state still burns down under Republican control.

  10. We do live in a sad world when a political opportunist can lie their way into office with character assassination and dirty politicking. This goes for Jeanne Ives, Bruce Rauner as well as Dan Profit and his friends like Peter Breen and his irresponsible millionaire money boys.
    The Illinois Gop is toast.

  11. Go ahead and vote for tax, tax, tax and spend democrats. Illinoisans has the 2nd highest tax burden in the nation, right behind New Jersey
    Daily Herald: In governor race, Democrats obsess over raising taxes
    Just what we need higher taxes

  12. If Jeanne Ives loses the Primary, I’m sitting out the governor’s race in November. You see, I’m a Republican: I don’t vote for Democrat Social Justice Warriors like Bruce Rauner OR Pritzker…