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Gun rights advocates, get ready. Gov Rauner is about to betray you, too.




SPRINGFIELD – A hot topic among Second Amendment rights advocates in Illinois is whether the Carhartt jacket wearing, hunting rifle toting Bruce Rauner we saw in the days leading up to the 2014 GOP primary will "stick to his guns" and veto three gun control bills that passed the Illinois legislature last week and are now sitting on his desk. 

There's little doubt the governor will wait until after the March 20th GOP primary to make his move – but those conservatives that were disappointed and angered by Rauner's rejection of the IL GOP Platform positions on abortion and immigration expect him to sign those laws into effect. Why wouldn't he? 

Wednesday, Governor Rauner was asked if he was going to sign the bill requiring all gun dealers to be licensed. 

The governor didn’t say whether he would sign a bill to require gun retailers to get state licenses, saying that he’s ready to work on “a number of things," the Chicago Tribune reports.

And here's the mushy response that should make hunters and gun rights advocates very nervous about the governor adding them to his list of betrayed Republican faithful:

“We need to have a good conversation about how do we keep our citizens safer, how do we protect our students, our children, our families,” Rauner said when asked about his position on gun store licensing. “And this should be done on a bipartisan basis. I believe we need to come together and we can come together to do a number of things.”

Yep. That's what we expected. He's going to betray the last bastion of conservatism in the IL GOP. Just watch.


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  1. State Gun Store Licensing = Bureaucracy and Taxation at its finest
    I saw someone go through the process of getting licensed by the ATF to become a dealer. I can tell you that the federal process is already very rigorous. Also, if the ATF finds out you’ve been breaking laws, you don’t get to go to a minimum security resort.
    In other words, IL licensing would be completely redundant.
    If you’re against gun control, don’t freak about about IL state licensing. It’s not going to change a thing except adding to the headache and cost of gun dealers.
    This whole thing is just an excuse to make it look like the state cares about gun control while sneaking in an extra tax for revenue.

  2. Rauner said on FOX News “I’m a hunter, and I own guns.” With an obvious lack of understanding that the Founding Fathers did not craft the 2nd Amendment so that colonists could have the right to go out an plunk squirrels.
    It was intended as a means of self protection and as a citizen bulwark against any future despotic King George.
    What a mindless demagogue, this RINO Rauner.

  3. I would love someone to point out how this is seen as a Federal thing (FFL, etc). Someone should point out how the Dems don’t want to step on Federal toes with enforcing immigration… but they will with this?

  4. The Governor I and thousands of people like me voted for was a guy who believed in reduction in regulation, reduction in taxes, a great fiscal conservative and someone who wasn’t going to get caught up in social issues. After over 3 years as our state has created more regulation and more taxes Governor Rauner passed the worst social laws we have seen in a long time, social laws that have shown no fiscal responsibility.
    I have been blessed to get to get to know Bruce Rauner and I consider Bruce a friend, but a friend who does not have the leadership courage and principles we thought he had. Bruce will turn his back again on his base as he passes the lefts gun regulations after the primary.
    My friend Bruce doesn’t deserve another term. VOTE FOR JEANNE IVES, the Leader with the values and principles that Illinois must have to survive bankruptcy.

  5. That picture of Rauner looks more ridiculous than that picture of Dukakis riding in a tank. Ives and the Fat Slob and Biss and Kennedy should just run commercials against Rauner showing him looking like a fool riding that motorcycle past dilapidated buildings and crappy schools and also showing him looking like a fool with this ridiculous outfit. That would be great. What a cartoon character.

  6. I just took a look at all of the bills that have been presented. Ives has indeed voted yes on the “bump stock” bill (HB1467). Here are the current bills being presented and Ives’ voting record (I will use Y/N and a period (.) for not voted yet–they’re still in committee.
    HB1465 N (21 age min. for “assault weapons”)
    HB1467 Y (bump stocks banned)
    HB1468 N (72 hr wait for “assault weapons”)
    HB1469 . (>10 capacity mags banned)
    HB1664 . (hotline to report “dangers”)
    HB772 . (ex parte restraining order)
    Be careful if you look yourself. Ives voted Y for HB772 last year, but that was before the gun control amendment was added.
    The truly nasty bill is HB1469. That one will make pretty much everyone in IL who owns a gun a lawbreaker. Practically every pistol and rifle takes 15-30 rounds mags, and they’d need to be relinquished.
    I think HB772 and HB1664 are also pretty bad. We need something that makes sure that dangerous people lose access to firearms, but this lets people anonymously report firearm owners to police or get a secret court order where they’d lose access to their firearms. It destroys due process (the current Trump plan), and you could easily target someone you don’t like using these new rules. And if you were planning a premeditated crime against a firearm owner, you could get the police to confiscate their weapons beforehand.

  7. Governor Rauner, you must veto SB 1657. It is neither necessary or lawful. This bill is nothing more than reasons for persecution. The Illinois state govt is trying to regulate gun ownership out of business, they are trying to make it so expensive many will not be able to afford to own guns. The power to tax and regulate is the power to destroy and that’s just what the constitution destroying democrat controlled state legislature are doing. IT IS PURE INFRINGEMENT AND VIOLATES BOTH STATE AND FEDERAL CONSTITUTIONS(art 1, sec 8, clause 15 & 16)!
    Subject ONLY to the police power, the right of the
    individual citizen to keep and bear arms shall not be
    infringed. ~ (Source: Illinois Constitution.)
    The democrat controlled state legislature just wants to add another way to persecute gun owners and gun stores, increasing the cost of gun ownership and the cost of doing gun business is NOTHING but infringement. They know they can’t gun grab like their heros in Nazi Germany did, but they know they can force up the price and difficulty of owning and selling guns and ammo if you let them. Guns are not the problem. It’s obvious, the problem that needs to be solved is why are there people who don’t value human life? Liberals & politicians need to stop blaming guns and the NRA. We need to ask why people are shooting up schools? Why do people not value human life? Is it the fine example of murdering 60 million unborn babies… even some born alive babies? Maybe someone needs to look into the fact that shootings increased dramatically with the proliferation of microwave technology and what that is doing to people’s brains. Where is the study that shows wifi and wireless is safe for fetuses in the womb and newborn babies? There is in science something called cause and effect that is being ignored by government. I am over 60 years old and there is no question people in society have changed, changed for the worse; what’s the cause? Is it the breakdown the traditional family? Is it cradle to grave welfare that discourages marriage and creates kids without dads? Is it hateful video games?
    Even if all guns are taken, murderers will still be walking the street. Is it parents that don’t teach their children to value human life? There is no proof more gun laws will solve this problem, just look at Chicago, they have very restrictive gun laws…. so it’s past time to stop the theatrics for the school kids and attack the real problem…. but first, everyone has to stop blaming guns. Stop that insanity and attack the real problem Mr Governor.

  8. The Governor doesn’t pass laws. Rauner has made the best of what he could by continuing to fight Mike Madigan. He has been derailed at every turn. People are reading the Madigan biased news and following like sheep. This will ensure that the Dens get the Governor’s chair. Good luck with that!

  9. So you have simply told us that Rep. Ives has voted to ban “bump stocks.” Period.
    You, my friend, are putting up such a paltry argument against her, that I really don’t think that Rauner & Co. should pay you this week.
    In fact, you should refund to Rauner Inc., the earlier monies they paid you for being a shill on conservative commentary sites.
    How stupid do you think we are?

  10. Uh, Clint, you asked for facts, and I was interested myself, so I looked and then reported. Your ad hominem doesn’t change any of the facts.
    I am an Ives supporter and will never vote for Rauner. If Ives doesn’t win the primary, I will be voting for the libertarian in the main election. Perhaps you don’t believe me though, since you don’t seem to care about facts. You can see my support for her here: http://illinoisreview.typepad.com/illinoisreview/2017/10/poll-calls-start-about-possible-il-gop-gubernatorial-.html
    So Clint, take a chill pill. For those IR readers who are 2nd Amendment supporters, it’s important to know everyone’s position on gun control.