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McCann’s nothing burger could now be appearing Thursday


SPRINGFIELD – The independent-minded State Senator Sam McCann (R-Jacksonville) didn't make an announcement Monday about what he plans to do in November. He didn't make it earlier as others heard he would do.

Now Springfield insiders are saying his news will be released Thursday. We know that the senator said he isn't running again as a Republican – and slapped Governor Rauner up the side of the head as he departed. But what – if anything – will he do next? 

What difference will it make what Senator McCann says he will do – whether he will run as an independent for governor or as an independent for senator – really won't make that much difference to the future of the state. It's a lot of hype about nothing. Even conservatives that may have supported him on social issues are fed up – they can't stomach the thought of supporting a candidate that is funded by SEIU or AFSCME dollars.

What his plan is will matter to Senator McCann, though, and we respect that. But we're frankly weary of drum roll after drum roll …. leading to a nothing burger. 

Sorry, senator. We're moving on … You lost us.


  1. As they say, “perfect is the enemy of good”. McCann doesn’t approach perfection but I will never cast a ballot for either Rauner or Pritzker. If he happens get elected and screws things up even more, well, we were on the road to perdition anyway.

  2. I can’t get past those two public employee acronyms, SEIU and AFSCME. While I can tolerate private sector unions, I learned everything I needed to about these two taxpayer parasites when their thugs came into my home Precinct, removing all Republican yard signs from private property or littering the street rights of way with illegally placed signs advocating leftist policies.

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