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“Rauner Party” Leadership calls on State Central Committee to re-elect Tim Schneider for party chairman


Tim Schneider, Cook County Commissioner and IL GOP Party Chairman

CHICAGO – In an email sent out Tuesday evening to members of the State Central Committee from IL GOP elected officials and statewide candidates calls for "Rauner Party" Chairman Tim Schneider to be re-elected. 

The appeal boasts how the Republican organizations work better together than ever before under Schneider's leadership at the IL GOP, but does not mention that the IL GOP has lost any meaningful financial support from grassroots and Illinois rank and file under Schneider's leadership. The IL GOP's latest filings show reports less than 10 individual contributions in the past six months.

As a result, the Illinois Republican Party is owned and directed by its biggest donor, Governor Rauner. Chairman Schneider appears to be fine with that. And evidently, all the statewide IL GOP candidates and every Republican member of Illinois' congressional caucus agrees with Rauner's funding and political strategy because they all signed onto the plea to support Schneider's re-election.

The IL GOP is divided between Rauner loyalists and the conservative base after a heated primary challenge by State Rep. Jeanne Ives (R-Wheaton) – and the letter does not reflect respect or appeal to those Republicans that are opposed to the governor's IL GOP platform-rejecting political philosophy. 

The letter from the leadership of the now-dubbed "Rauner Party" urging support for Schneider as distributed:

We are at a critical juncture in Illinois’ history. Pundits tell us the national headwinds are against us. Illinois Democrats have just nominated a billionaire candidate for governor who is willing to spend unlimited resources to empower Speaker Madigan and protect the status quo in Springfield. And to the detriment of hardworking taxpayers and families, Madigan continues to consolidate power and block reform at all costs just to protect his rigged Chicago Machine.

Now more than ever, we need a capable and proven Republican to lead our Party to victory as we enter what may be the most consequential election of our lifetimes in Illinois.

That is why, as elected Illinois Republicans and Republican candidates for public office, we wholeheartedly and without reservation endorse Tim Schneider for reelection as Chairman of the Illinois Republican Party.

As we approach the 2018 General Election, Tim is uniquely positioned to lead us to victory again.

Tim Schneider is a small business owner and entrepreneur. Unlike our Machine Democrat counterparts, Tim didn’t cut his teeth in politics; he owns several successful small businesses. That private sector experience has taught Tim that less government is better government, politics is about providing value for taxpayers, and, as Republican Party members and elected officials, we must innovate to not only survive, but thrive and win.

Tim Schneider is a tested and proven fighter for taxpayers. As a member of the Cook County Board of Commissioners, the second largest county in the United States, Tim has led the charge against the Chicago Democrats’ reckless tax hikes. Late last year, Tim along with other Republican board members, successfully led the coalition against the soda tax, and in several other sales tax hikes in years past. Like us, Tim knows that Republicans have the policy solutions to tackle the challenges facing Illinois.

Most importantly, Tim Schneider knows how to elect Republicans. Tim was elected party chairman in 2014 with a vision to unify the Party, bring all Republican stakeholders together, and win elections. Like us Republican elected officials, Tim himself has had to get on the ballot, run his own campaigns and win – and he has successfully done that many times over. Tim’s personal experience of running and actually winning campaigns has proven to be invaluable for the Party.

Under Tim’s leadership, party organizations like our seven Congressional campaign committees, Governor Rauner’s campaign committee, the Republican State Senate Campaign Committee, the House Republican Organization, and others have worked more closely than ever before. In our “Blue” state, Tim has beat the odds and worked successfully and collaboratively to elect Republicans statewide – defending our Republican members of Congress, increasing the ranks of Republican lawmakers in Springfield, and electing Governor Rauner. Tim is ready to do it again and turn our state “Red” as we approach the critical 2020 redistricting process.

We strongly believe that the future of our great state of Illinois depends on having experienced and tested Republicans like Tim Schneider leading our Party. We hope that you join us in supporting Tim Schneider for reelection as Chairman of the Illinois Republican Party.

Respectfully Yours,

Bruce Rauner, Governor 
Evelyn Sanguinetti, Lieutenant Governor
Jason Helland, Republican nominee for Secretary of State

Erika Harold, Republican nominee for Attorney General
Darlene Senger, Republican nominee for Comptroller
Jim Dodge, Republican nominee for Treasurer
John Shimkus, IL-15

Peter Roskam, IL-06
Randy Hultgren, IL-14

Adam Kinzinger, IL-16

Rodney Davis, IL-13

Mike Bost, IL-12
Darin LaHood, IL-18

Bill Brady, Senate Republican Leader 
Jim Durkin, House Republican Leader

The IL GOP's most recent filings show Rauner as the biggest donor – with few individual donations through the 3/31/2018 filings:

More on this story to come … 


  1. The IL GOP was in bad shape when Rauner purchased it. It is now on life support. Very sad. I think we could fit all of the principled Conservatives left in Illinois into a small diner.

  2. What successes can that nominee show (in Cook County, his bailiwick)which would render him capable of a program to result in
    Republicans winning in November 2018– not just the existing easy sits in Congress, either house of the General Assembly, and by the way the re-election of our governor.
    Tim is the creature of the status quo. The Party needs a clear plan to rejoin its wings to its body so it can fly.
    We have excellent Illinois Senators and Assembly members. However the support is lacking in the voting booths To beat Madigan and the Chicago machine, I estimate that the Republican vote (if the Democrats stay steady, will have to be increased by fifteen to twenty percent.
    Many precinct positions lie vacant. The party has no political representation in too many locations.
    It ius now too late to make twenty degrees of improvement by November. The unfortunate Governor’s primary tactics against Jeannie Ives has taken trust from the bedrock of Republicans. Raunor has no standing among these people and Tim would be a mere goblin in the night. He would have no authority other than that which which was pre-approved by the Governor.
    The time has come to organize the Party and its supposed principles to capture the voters in 2020. Let 2018 be a Dry Run.
    We once had a chance to do forward planning. If bill Brady had won. His was a hard fought ill managed campaign — snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.
    The revival of the Republican Party is truly a long term project — more than six years from 2014’s election…if we had won.
    The strategic objective was to control the GA and the Senate and the Governor’s Office after the 2020 vote was in. at each of the interim elections there wshould have been progress to be posted. The interim objectives were to remove the veto control that the Democrats had. Brady’s election would have given him the veto. Proper management would have eliminated the the 2/3 majority in at least the Senate. Two years later (2016) could have been exciting with the Republican nominee for U.S. President and his appeal to working men and women. A Republican instate campaign could have won enough seats to rid the other legislative bod of the 2/3 majority. 2018, the apogee of our President, could have supported a new Republican governor in Illinois. 2020 would see a probable Republican majority in the Illinois Senate.
    That election would have provided influence The most important political task in Illinois politic is the Redistricting map, which takes place after the 2020 election.
    Today, sadly, we see that task by default going to the Democrats. That means, to regain political control of the state we must wait until 2030.
    The most serious problem for our Government and his party leaders throughout the state is to organize for a quicker set elements — an earlier “sell by” date. Or the party will smell like dead meat

  3. The job of the Republican chairman seems simple
    1). Raise money
    2) get real republicans elected
    3) support the conservative platform
    4) support our President, Donald Trump
    5) be a leader promoting a “republican” agenda which is less taxes, less borrowing, lessvspending less corruption, pro life, pro 2nd amendment, School choice, support legal immigration, School choice, support the police, etc and more freedom, more liberty, and more opportunity.
    Many feel Jeannie Ives is the leader of the Illinois Republican Party and not Bruce Rauner.
    I would like to see the organized party grow with leadership more at the grass roots levels, that isxwhere the voters are. I think there is huge potential for growth as the democrats are tuning the city and the state into the ground. People are ready for change.
    We need real leadership with a focus on traditional REPUBLICAN values.

  4. Disgusting. All the Rauner RINO liars coming out once again to mock and reject Republican values. Nothing epitomizes this more than re-electing Rauner puppet Tim Schneider to head the Rauner Party of Illinois…

  5. Unfortunately in the past, the platform of the non-descript IL GOP representative tho the National GOP has been:
    1) Cut a deal with the Democrats in power.
    2) Get huge insurance contracts for your personal business.
    3) Pocket millions of dollars.
    4) Promise the Democrats that you’ll silence those pesky grass-roots conservative Republican voters.
    Doesn’t anyone remember Robert Kjellander – the former IL GOP representative to the Republican National Committee, who handled a morass of financial matters – in the private sector – making huge personal profits – that he was given by Democrat Gov. Rod Blagojevich?
    This is why I am now an independent conservative — and no longer a Republican.

  6. During the primary all the anti-Ives flyers had “Paid for by Citizens for Ruaner, inc.” the 2 pro-Rauner flyers that I have, both have “Paid for by the Illinois Republican Party.” How much did the GOP send on those pro-Rauner mailings? Was the IL GOP used simply as a pass through to make it look like Rauner had the support of the party?
    The truth is , so long as Rauner holds the reigns of the party, no one other than him (and retiring GOP “leaders”) will donate to it.

  7. I am amazed by the combination of denial and optimism by some of those posting above. Why? I would really like to know what motivates it? I cannot think of single reason IL is worth fighting for.
    We are all stewards of our time and resources. The greatest investor of all time, Warren Buffett recently acknowledged his mistake and divested himself of his stake in IBM and redeployed that capital to Apple.
    Buffett’s move made sense, He acknowledged reality, he did not continue to hope and pray somehow a turn around from IBM’s failed leadership would happen, he simply redeployed his capital to an area more conducive to success.
    So once again hat do you think you can achieve? This is a solid blue state with a teacher union lead liberal agenda that is stamping liberal orthodoxy in the minds of each and every generation born into Illinois. You lost the fight the minute you send your children to public school.
    You get some conservatives in office and so what. You still have a state that is over run by illegal aliens, has a giant population of degenerates, bad weather, an immoral culture, and an alcohol fueled cultural scene (ever notice how almost every festival in Illinois is linked to heavy alcohol consumption?).
    I have no idea what you people think you are fighting for. It is a blue state, politically, culturally, and socially.

  8. The Republican party is dead in the suburbs where I have lived. Unlike years ago when the township parties were active. It’s so bad they don’t even find a credible candidate to run against a Brown Shirt Nazi in the 3rd, instead whining after he wins the primary.

  9. Mu businesses are now located in Florida, in Pensacola, Lakeland, and Boca Raton. And when I fully retire in 0-4 years I hope to move to the Northeast mountains of Tennesseans.
    I was thinking it would be kind of nice to find a IL-expat forum I laugh from afar and enjoy the collapse of the state.
    I for one want to see the tears roll down the cheeks of the teachers, police, and firemen when their bloated pension checks bounce. It will be awesome. A fitting end to a state where people actually think Blago got too stern of a sentence.
    What i find interesting, is th every thing the liberals pushed for, dismantling of the extended family, demise of the important roll of fraternal organizations, and the rise of non-secular government assistance is the very thing that had freed so many people of means to leave the state.
    My take anyways…

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