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Four more IL gubernatorial candidates could be on November ballot



Screen Shot 2018-06-25 at 4.30.40 PM

SPRINGFIELD – Voters could see several gubernatorial candidates on the 2018 General Election ballot in November – including  Libertarian Party candidate, a Conservative Party candidate and two independents – if they're allowed to stay on the ballot. More could join Democrat JB Pritzker and "Rauner Party" Bruce Rauner later this week if petitions are submitted to the State Board of Elections by Friday. 

From the state's first-time Conservative Party, State Senator Sam McCann of Plainview gathered enough signatures to submit petitions for himself and Aaron Merrejohn of Riverton IL:

Screen Shot 2018-06-25 at 4.09.13 PM

A slate of statewide candidates from the Illinois Libertarian Party submitted these names:

Screen Shot 2018-06-25 at 4.09.48 PM

As did two independent candidates: 

Screen Shot 2018-06-25 at 4.21.28 PM
Screen Shot 2018-06-25 at 4.21.28 PM

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  1. Bruce and J.B. are not really a choice. They both follow the low moral baby killing values of Madigan and Cullerton.
    We need someone with moral values.

    Why? First off I am in the camp that abortion is murder. I use to be anti-abortion, picketing abortion clinics with Eric Scheidler. I still believe abortion is murder and a heinous act against the innocent. It is barbaric, disgusting, and virtually unneeded in this day of birth control.
    That all being said, do you even have the slightest grasp, demographically what would have happened to the electoral map if not for abortion? Most of the country would be solid blue and with it would come the wholesale degeneracy of the democrat party. The majority of states would be like NY, IL, and CA electronically. Pedophilia would be normalized, religious expression banned (except Muslim), conservatives would be banned from the workplace and denied medical care. theonly reasons conservatives and republicans have a toe hold left in this nation (and it is waning fast) is because the democratic constituency conveniently murder their own children. And that is exactly why the Democrats need the illegal aliens wave.
    Abortion has been the only thing saving this Republic. The game would already have been over if not for abortion.

  2. The Chamber of Commerce, RINO, pro-immigrant crowd will have a cow when they see 30% of the formerly Republican base vote going over to McCann and another 8% going over to the Libertarian.
    They will no longer be able to take us for granted anymore.
    They will no longer be able to tell us to “Put on your big-boy pants and vote for Rauner.”
    The days of taking the conservative/libertarian base are over.
    Next time, it’s necessary to get a Real fusionist Republican, who can appeal to all facets of our coalition.
    Rauner, it is not.

  3. I may have missed something, but weren’t Randy Stufflebeam and Chad Koppie running with the Constitution Party again in 2018? When did he decide to end his campaign?
    Randy decided he was not going to run early this year. William Kelly was going to run for Governor under the Constitution Party banner. Originally he claimed he would handle everything and could get the signatures etc, but then bailed out. I am not aware that they have anyone running at this point in time.