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Gov Rauner marches in Aurora’s First Gay Pride Parade



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AURORA – Republican Governor Bruce Rauner celebrated Father's Day by marching in west suburban Aurora's first Gay Pride Parade Sunday. (More HERE)

Just a few years ago, Aurora's downtown was the site of a rally for traditional marriage – with local church members encouraging their state lawmakers to support one-man/ one-woman marriage. 

What a difference five years make, eh? 

David E. Smith, executive director of Illinois Family Institute, helped organize that rally in 2013. Here's what he had to say today: 

Why am I not surprised to learn that Bruce Rauner marched in Aurora's Pride Parade over the weekend? For some strange reason, he believes that the path to a second term is to pander to potential voters on the left of the political spectrum. Instead of appealing to the 341k Republican voters who voted against him in the March primary election, Rauner apparently believes that he has to highlight his pro-LGBTQIA credentials to supplement his infamous pro-abortion advocacy. This leftward politicking only supports the growing number of voices accusing him of being an imposter.


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  1. Rauner marching in a gay pride parade, well of course. If you didn’t expect something like this from the beginning, you weren’t paying attention.
    But staging a gay pride parade on Father’s Day is really something. Think about this for a second: actual marriage is a conjugal relationship that creates a home for the children that typically come about as a result of that relationship.
    Sexually identifying as gay and then acting out as such means you are not in a conjugal relationship, which is to say you are not in a relationship that has anything to do with fatherhood.
    Can you be gay and have a child? Sure. Perhaps you left the home of your wife and children to pursue gay activities in your life. Or perhaps you hired a surrogate so that you could orphan a child from his mother. Or perhaps you denied a child a mother and a father by adopting him (because if you hadn’t adopted the child, most likely a married man and woman would have).
    Simply put, there are only bad ways for a gay man or woman to have a child. And to celebrate such things by marching on Father’s Day is grossly immoral.

  2. Why anyone is prideful for being a homosexual is beyond the pale. Why celebrate perverted behavior that violates God’s law of nature. No one is “born gay”, there is absolutely no objective science that proves anyone is a homosexual. All behavior is a choice. I think Democrat Rauner was picked by Mike Madigan to be in office. Madigan would win either way, with Quinn or Rauner… very little difference

  3. Don’t worry. Conservatives WON’T support Rauner.
    He’s going to learn the hard way on election day how many conservative Republicans vote in this state, because hw will be “short” by that number.
    As so many of the sexual deviates are Democrats and will vote for Pritzker, Rauner won’t get many of their votes, either.

  4. That’s only if you ignore all the *actual science* demonstrating that being LGBT is largely fixed and unchangeable and due to a complex interchange between genes and the environment. There are twin studies, finger length studies, brain scan studies, and lots more.

  5. All fake science, there is no objective science that proves anyone is “born gay” That is a myth perpetrated by homosexuals and activists. ALL BEHAVIOR IS A CHOICE!
    Back in the late 60’s early 70’s there was a liberal college professor who said his “study” showed “criminals” were born that way. They couldn’t help it. He was proved wrong many times over. ALL BEHAVIOR IS A CHOICE, SAY IT OUT LOUD NARC. Homosexuality is a MENTAL DISORDER. Its ridiculous to say someone can’t love a member of the opposite sex, only a mental disorder would cause someone to think that. Before the advent of the homo rights propaganda campaign, it was not uncommon to hear a homosexual say they hated the opposite sex. Homosexuals are heterophobes which is caused by their mental disorder. Homosexuality is built upon hate.

  6. And for the record, you have to want to change your behavior before you will. Its total b.s. to say homosexuality is fixed and unchangeable. There are homosexuals who stop living that lie daily, they successfully live a heterosexual life.

  7. One more thing, “studies” are not objective science! Anyone can make a study give a desired outcome. All the studies you listed have been totally discredited. Just admit it, there is no science that proves the “born gay” theory. Born gay is a myth, pure propaganda

  8. It is hilarious, biological mistakes and societal degenerates claiming they have pride. That just demonstrates how furry kittened they really are. By that logic pedophiles and zoos should have pride parades also; in the end, not much separates them. Now America celebrates degeneracy – what the kittens.

  9. Read “The Hidden Hitler” in the Highland Park Library. The values of Rauner are the same.
    Hitler was an evil genius who managed to use the creation of the state to get Germany’s economy going and increased its industrial might. Rauner is a moron who only knows how to build his personal wealth through government crony-capitalism. Lastly, Eva Braun did not tell Hitler what to do.

  10. Oh I know all about your “heterosexual lifestyle”, with your socks *and* sandals, lite beer, and wearing leggings in public. No thank you..
    I’d respond further, but I have to get in my homosexual Toyota, drive to my homosexual job, and later tonight get with my homosexual friends for a homosexual cookout and watch homosexual tv. You know, all the parts of the homosexual “lifestyle.”

  11. No one should be proud of sexual perversion. No one should be proud of lying to the general population about, “I can’t help it, I was born this way. It’s genetic, I knew when I was kindergarten I was homosexual, etc…” All b.s. propaganda! Homosexuals activists should apologize for their deceiving people. But they won’t, they are proud of their lies. Homosexuals are heterophobes, obey the law of nature…. members of the opposite sex couple, its normal and natural.