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How the IL delegation voted on the latest compromise immigration bill



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WASHINGTON – Congress has gone home for the holiday, to walk in parades and raise campaign funds. But before they headed back to their districts, the Republican majority failed to pass a compromise immigration plan through the US House. 

All except one Republican member of the Illinois GOP delegation supported what was called "Goodlatte II" – the Border Security and Immigration Reform Act. 

That one Congressman – Darin LaHood – was asked for his reasoning for not voting with his Republican colleagues and with the Democrat delegation. He chose not to explain his vote when asked. 

Two lawmakers did offer explanations …

U.S. Representative Mike Bost (IL-12) said the bill would have "secured the border, provided tools to prevent illegal immigration, and kept families together at the border."

“We had a historic opening to pass the most significant border security and immigration reform legislation in years. We could have brought our immigration system into the 21st Century by enhancing border security, preventing illegal immigration, and combatting fraud in our immigration system. We also would have provided certainty under the law by fixing the DACA mess and ensuring families would stay together at the border. This was a missed opportunity to fix an immigration system that both Republicans and Democrats agree is a broken,” Bost said. 

Congressman Randy Hultgren (IL-14) also released a statement saying he was disappointed the bill didn't pass.

“While I am disappointed that solutions supported by the President to address a legal status for DACA recipients and increase border security did not gain the necessary votes, I remain committed to finding solutions that can pass the House and be signed into law," Hultgren said.

“I was outraged by the unconscionable family separation situation at the border. Our laws against illegal border crossings must be followed, but how we enforce our laws reflects our values as a country. I have cosponsored stand-alone legislation, H.R. 6173, which would keep this from ever happening again. I have also cosponsored H.R. 6183, which would clarify responsibilities between the two agencies involved—the Departments of Health and Human Services, and of Homeland Security—and require the reunification of minors who were separated before the ‘zero-tolerance’ policy was changed via executive order," Hultgren said.

“We must find bipartisan solutions to our broader immigration challenges. In order to have a DACA solution that can pass Congress and be signed into law, the American people deserve to have confidence in their immigration laws and border security. Without addressing both issues together, I am afraid we will encourage further lawlessness at the border and be forced to confront another crisis of undocumented immigrants in the future.”

Here's how the delegation from Illinois voted on the "Border Security and Immigration Reform Act":

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