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Congressman LaHood leads opposition to Blagojevich pardon




WASHINGTON – President Trump has indicated he is considering pardoning imprisoned former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich, and Monday Congressman Darin LaHood – a former Assistant United States Attorney with the US Department of Justice – led a letter opposing commutation with the support of every Illinois GOP caucus member. 

The letter lays out the many public corruption crimes and the illegal activity committed by Blagojevich during his administration and the need to stand strong against pay-to-play politics in Illinois and across the country. Congressman LaHood and every Illinois Republican in Congress believe that pardoning such a clearly corrupt politician would set a dangerous precedent and send the wrong message regarding elected officials who violate the public trust. 

The letter states:

While we understand that, as president, you have the privilege and right under our Constitution to grant pardons and clemency as you determine fit, we ask that you consider very carefully the precedent this may set and the impact it will have on acts of public corruption in the future. As you well know, the integrity of our democracy and the core of American values depend on our elected officials being honest in upholding the trust given to them by the American people. Granting clemency to Rod Blagojevich would go against this trust.

The 4-page letter in its entirety is HERE: Download IL Delegation Rod Blagojevich Letter to President Trump 061118


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  1. President Trump should issue a pardon to Blago on the LAST day of Trump’s SECOND term as President.
    I think it unfortunate that Blago’s sentence cannot by law be extended for an additional month, or year, for wasting the court’s time and the public’s money each time he appeals it, and LOSES.

  2. LaHood should be ashamed of himself. Those in today’s Democratic leadership are more corrupt than Blogo ever was. His sentence at the time, in the opinion of many, was way too long for what he was accused of doing. The Democrats used Blogo as a scap-goat. By putting him in jail, they wanted to prove that now the Party was honorable and free of corruption. The Democrat Party is just as corrupt today, and the Republican Party isn’t far behind.