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Petition to oust Maxine Waters emerges on WhiteHouse.gov site



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A petition appeared on the WhiteHouse.gov website Monday calling for the US House to oust Congresswoman Maxine Waters for inciting harassment of Trump officials over the weekend. 

"It's time for Maxine Waters to go," the appeal begins. "Waters has crossed a dangerous line, calling for attacks and violence against all Trump officials." 

The petition is in reaction to what Congresswoman Waters said over the weekend in California, when she called on Americans to "push back" against Trump officials, and make it impossible for them to shop, eat out, or go to gas stations. Waters comments are "irresponsible" statements from anyone, let alone a so-called Democrat leader.

"It is especially dangerous to call for public attacks at a time in our country when liberals are so wildly unhinged and violent, have no control over their emotions and are brainwashed by fake news and hoodwinked by lying, sleazy politicians like Maxine Waters," the description says. "Under the circumstances, censure is not enough for Maxine Waters. Waters should face expulsion for what she's done." 

The petition must attract 100,000 signatures by July 25, 2018 in order for it to get a response from the White House. After today's introduction, over 3,459 have already signed on. 

Petition HERE. Maxine Waters' speech that prompted the petition:  


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  1. Funny, this is exactly what I have been saying people should do to Illinois municipal employees, firemen, county workers, teachers etc.
    I do think it is inappropriate coming from an elected officials to do something that disparages the orderly succession of elected officials.
    One the other hand I find it entirely appropriate for citizens to do this to the parasites in IL state and local government. In particular teachers who seem to think they actually perform a valuable service. I have got news for them they can almost all be replaced by a virtual classroom and the results would be superior. They are parasites and should be called out and publicly ridiculed for being so. Public scorn and condemnation if called for, but not violence. They need to feel the disdain but should never feel physically threatened.

  2. evangelical ignorance. said…
    “I do think it is inappropriate coming from an elected officials to do something that disparages the orderly succession of elected officials.”

    To be clear, it is inappropriate fro any elected official to disparage the very system that allows them to hold office.
    In the case of Maxine Walters she was out there chanting impeach 45 right after the election and disparaging the election results. That is inappropriate. If she wished to attack the President on issues that is fine. But to attack his legitimacy as President from the get go and undermine the legitimacy of the electoral process is very, very inappropriate when you gained your vested authority through the same process.

  3. It is people like Maxine Waters that keeps people divided. She is clearly a racist. She is quick to try and blame Trump for inciting people. A leader of inciting violence and dividing people. This is what she does. Being in Congress, people follow her lead. Just listen to her. She is so full of hatred. And now Biden comes along and says he wants to try to get people back together. No way can that happen with someone like her in power. She should be held accountable for what she says and what she does. I did not vote for Biden, but he is my President now. He seems like a good man. I expect him to stand up for ALL people- not just the people who are the loudest.