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Illinois School District Threatens to Call Police over Bible Giveaway




A public school district in Illinois sent a “cease and desist” letter to an unnamed person who gave away Bibles to boys and girls on a public street owned by the district.

“This individual was warned that law enforcement would be called should he or any affiliated persons come onto the School District campus for the purpose of distributing Bibles to students,” an attorney for the La Harpe Community School District no. 347 wrote in a letter to the Freedom From Religion Foundation.



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  1. In the last century Atheists killed over 100 million people.
    Now they are fogging the mind of our children. This the problem with public education. Good people in education are attacked by Atheists.
    Love Saves Lives
    Carl Lambrecht

  2. LaHarpe 347 is a small rural school in Hancock County in West Central Illinois. Yea, that is how bad it has gotten.
    But something seems fishy to me.
    Hillary Rodham Clinton (D) 1,744
    Donald J. Trump (R) 5,713
    More explanation needed.

  3. What Bible will be used, the original Catholic Bible or the one introduced during the Reformation? The point is the distribution of either would be favoring a religion and conservatives should give pause to this idea.

  4. History tells us that once before people forced “their” bibles on some Christians who had to start their own school so they could freely practice their religion. Let’s not forget the lessons of the past.

  5. Since the school is not passing out Bibles and it’s some individuals what difference does it make? People are also free to refuse to take the Bible. I refuse to take literature on a daily basis in Chicago.
    I’m not sure you’ve learned any lessons from this article, much less the past.

  6. If a kid walked into that school carrying HIS OWN bible, would he be treated as bad as if he was bringing a GUN?
    The trouble with many school boards is that election to one is just a resume’ enhancer. Too many of these Board members are just yes-men and place-holders who select school superintendents but do not pay attention to the internal workings of the schools.
    They may be on the school board, but that doesn’t mean they are intelligent themselves.