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More Indoctrination Cultivates Interest in Homeschooling



While an LGBT history curriculum bill winds it's way through the General Assembly, parents are deciding how best to educate their children. A leading homeschool advocate is encouraging moms and dads to think Biblically as they make their choices.


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  1. I find it very unfortunate that home schooling is always linked to the practice of religion. We are an agnostic family and we home schooled our children. We even used ABeka’s curriculum because the curriculum was very strong in the natural sciences. We also felt their Christian focus properly taught American history in the context of the time and without that background it is hard to understand the history of this country.
    We homeschooled not only because we wanted the best possible education for our children but we wanted out children to understand our conservative values. We have noted the difference. All of our children (now young adults) are very conservative in all aspects of life, conduct themselves like proper young adults. All started college in their early teens and graduated summa cum laude with stem degrees by the time they turned 20. All are gainfully employed as professional and earn 6 figure incomes. All are under 25 currently.
    We are bearing testimony home schooling works. And in our case religion had nothing to do with it, but morality and principle, and conservative values had everything to do with it.
    Sadly we can see the taint of liberal indoctrination with out children’s peers. They are infected with a warped perspective, their views do not mirror that of their parents, more than one is sexually promiscuous, and several have an antagonistic attitude toward their country and embrace government verses a healthy skepticism of government.
    We would encourage everyone to explore homeschooling. Why anyone would want a bunch of strangers indoctrinating your children in their beliefs, hour after our, day after day is beyond our ken.
    And like I said, being religious is not a prerequisite.

  2. but you still pulled the lever for amoral Trump…
    face it homeschooling face some real critisms. Not everyone is diligent or really gives a damn about their childs education… not everyone is like you.
    => “sheltering children from the real world”
    => indoctrination into conservative “values”
    ==> math? science? standards?
    => lack of preparation for work and getting along with other human beings.
    Yes you actually have to get along with everyone in the office.. not just the ones you agree with…
    will these students be danger to society because of that all of the lack?
    REAL WORLD…. outside of cult life is very different.

  3. Wholly agree with .you about homeschooling. My sister homeschooled her 3 kids in the 80s and 90s and they’re all doing well with families of their own with six-figure jobs.
    The homeschooling motivations are as diverse as families themselves – with one thing very crucial – they all care that their children will be healthy and independent contributing citizens.
    My sister used to say what motivates her is the thought of non-productive adults laying on her couch when they should be productive and taking care of her! Smart woman!
    Homeschooling is simply adapting learning materials to a child’s interests, strengths and talents and helping them learn to cope with areas where they can use more work. More families should set the next generation up as a priority. My sister did the right thing. I congratulate her and you on a job well done that will pay off always!

  4. This as well as the reality that more and more public schools are becoming 3rd world cesspools.
    Of course few have the guts to say this, but they show it in their actions whether it be by choosing private schools, more charter schools or homeschooling.
    Actually, this does not happen that much in most rural schools but, for the most part, they are not in liberal areas with a heavy 3rd world ‘student’ body.

  5. Wow, how many misconceptions can you cram into a combox? Sounds like you need an introduction to “the real world” yourself.
    Start by getting to know some actual homeschoolers, instead of spouting off stuff you’ve heard from your friend’s cousin’s mother-in-law’s neighbor’s car mechanic.

  6. FYI, this is not even slightly true. Now days there are virtual schools where the parents can be totally divorced from the teaching process if they so choose. I know several home schoolers where both parents have demanding careers and the children attend virtual academy’s. It works well for them. One of the primary things is, it allows the children to develop at their natural rate and go very deep in subjects that are of interests to them while also make sure they are well versed in all subjects. In other words the virtual environment is always there to feed the children’s interests.
    We did as you said, but technology has really advanced. I would strongly look at the virtual schools that have rigorous curriculum.

  7. Not really sure how we got from acknowledging LGBT people exist to adultery, but ok, famous adulterers in history: Julius Caesar, Henry IIX*, Thomas Jefferson**, Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Hamilton, JFK, Newt Gingrich (x3), Donald Trump (x4 is the current count, I believe).
    It seems your argument is we shouldn’t teach about LGBT people through history or the history of the gay liberation movement because your religion disapproves of them.