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Pritzker’s July 4th appeal focuses on immigration, transgenders and the US military



CBS 2 photo – Tammy Duckworth and JB Pritzker appeared at Arlington Hts 4th of July parade

CHICAGO – Democrat gubernatorial candidate JB Pritzker led up to the nation's celebration of its 242nd birthday by emphasizing the nation's diversity and condemning Republican hatred:

As we approach 4th of July, we are reminded that we have so much to celebrate in this country— we are a nation built on diversity, inclusion, and opportunity.

But we are also reminded that those fundamental American values are being threatened by the bigotry displayed in Washington and Springfield. Donald Trump and his silent partner Bruce Rauner have continually tried to advance policies that undermine the American dream and strip people of their unalienable rights.

They claim patriotism, but there is nothing patriotic about hatred.

To desire a wall, borders, immigration laws being enforced is to reject freedom, Pritzker said. He made a real reach then to condemning Donald Trump's resistance to transgenders serving in the U.S. military. 

There was no explanation as to why Pritzker – a gubernatorial candidate – was focusing on federal issues rather than state issues.

But if that wasn't enough, he used the opportunity to appeal for financial assistance for his campaign, although he's writing checks for millions of dollars to his campaign – threatening to double whatever Governor Rauner contributes to his re-election campaign.

We need leaders who will advance our values of freedom, inclusion, and safety. Chip in today to help me and Democrats across the state be those leaders in Springfield.

America has long been celebrated as a country that welcomes people escaping dire conditions and seeking a better life. But Donald Trump has dedicated much of his presidency to restricting entry into this country for those who need our protection the most. We’re also a country that proudly honors the brave men and women who serve in our military and keep us safe. Yet Trump has attempted to prevent transgender people who make the same commitment from serving. All the while, Bruce Rauner stands by, refusing to stand up to Trump.

Then Pritzker calls for support for the "Blue Wave Illinois 2018" …

Support Blue Wave Illinois 2018 to elect candidates fighting for our true American values.

Thank you, and have a happy and safe 4th of July—


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  1. Pritzker talks so much about Trump because he has no real solutions for Illinois. His Socialist agenda will drive businesses and homeowners who can afford to leave, to leave our state. If Gov Rauner aligns with Trump on an Illinois First Agenda 1)Jobs 2)Homeowners(1% realestate tax) 3)Beat Curruption, he can win against the Socialist even in our Lefty State. If Bruce doesn’t go strong Right of Pritzker he will not Inspire smart people in Illinois on both sides of the Isle to get out and vote.
    I’m still bothered by HB 40 like many but Bruce is our only option!

  2. There is no other option. If Rauner pledged any of these things it would correctly be viewed as a lie. The only option is to let the Democrats drive the car off the cliff and hopefully bail out before they get there.