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Governor Rauner signs nearly 300 new laws in a month




By Benjamin Yount, Illinois News Network - 

It's been a busy month for Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner and his pen.  

From July 13 to Aug. 14, the governor signed 293 laws. 

Some go into effect immediately, others will have to wait for January. But all are new laws.



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  1. Do we really need 293 new Laws in Illinois?
    I say no.
    No offense to these 177 state legislators (btw why so many) but they are trying to micromanage everything. A few years ago they made a law banning shark fin yet you are still allowed to eat the rest of the Shark along with other seafood. I wrote about it four years ago.
    I have a proposal for a law, it’s “no new laws.” I thought maybe the 177 state legislators might work on the pension mess, also called the pension scam. We need to eliminate public pensions today starting with all new employees going to IRAs or 401s. This would included teachers, cops, firefights, munciple employees, state workers, judges, & legislators, this would also include the 43,000 elected officials in Illinois, the most of all 50 states.
    The lawmakers love passing laws, I guess to say they are doing something.
    Another law I suggest is closing all 177 state legislators district offices which cost millions to operate., They can work at the capital, their home or at a coffee house.,
    As the population declines, in Illinois we need to look at cutting taxes, cutting spending, cutting regulation, and cutting borrowing.
    We need to lower the size, scope, and cost of government in Illinois, with less taxes now. That’s the only law I’m thinking about.
    What laws can we pass for this? How about cutting the number of legislators in half?