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Facebook Completely Censors PragerU Posts from Public View



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From PragerU - 

We recently discovered that Facebook deleted two video posts from the PragerU page for “hate speech,” and subsequently censored 15 more posts from public view – meaning zero of our 3 million followers could see these posts.

While we’ve experienced blatant discrimination from Google/YouTube, which is why we’ve filed legal action against them, this represents a whole new level of censorship by Facebook.

Not only are they obviously ratcheting up their algorithms to target mainstream, conservative content and labeling it as hate speech, but they are now completely blocking our posts from public view. This is shocking and it should deeply concern every single American.

We reached out to Facebook and their initial response provided little clarity saying they would get back to us in another two to three business days, which in the world of social media might as well be an eternity.

However, after media attention on the issue started to gain traction – Facebook finally responded after 24 hours saying that removing the videos was simply a “mistake.”

Does anyone really believe that removing two videos as “hate speech” and subsequently censoring 15 more entirely from the public was simply a mistake?


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  1. Would be nice if we had an AG who’d let these companies know that the full weight of the administrative state is going to bear down on them like it did on the coal industry when Obuma was President. Don’t feel sorry or hypocritical about that, and stop listening to these Paul Ryan Repukes who ‘oppose regulation’. They all supported or looked the other way when the last administration ruined coal. These monopolies actually advocated for and supported that program. What’s good for the goose.

  2. It’s only going to get worse.
    Speaking of censorship. Rich Miller at Capitolfax is a master of censorship. If you make a solid conservative point he really hates it and will block it. The more documented in what one says, if it does not suit his bigoted views, then the more likely it is to be blocked.
    An yes he has a legal right to do it. If you do not play the game so he can ‘win’ then he just takes his football home like a little spoiled brat.