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Florida’s “Red Flag” law pulls in 200 firearms, 30,000 ammunition rounds since March




SPRINGFIELD – Since Florida enacted the "red flag" law last March, more than 450 people have been ordered by local judges to surrender firearms to local law enforcement, citing safety risks filed with the courts. 

“In all, we’ve taken in about 200 firearms and around 30,000 rounds of ammunition,” a Pinnellas County officer told ABC News.

Last month, both Democrat and Republican lawmakers sent to Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner a similar "red flag" bill, which he signed into effect. 

Personal Defense World describes Illinois' law:

HB 2354, also known as the Lethal Violence Order of Protection Act, authorizes a court to remove firearms, a FOID card and a CCW license from a person who poses 'an immediate and present danger of causing personal injury to himself, herself, or another by having' a gun in his or her possession. The person who petitions to have the firearms removed can be a law enforcement officer, family member or a dating partner. The gun seizures can be issued by a judge ex parte, meaning without the subject of the order being present.

“Today I signed legislation to keep firearms out of the hands of those who would use them to commit acts of violence against themselves or others, after proof is provided,” Rauner said on Twitter.

Gun control activists applauded the 13th state enacting a "red flag" law. Illinois' gun confiscation on the "red flag" complaints will begin January 1, 2019.

“There are certain times when it makes sense to have somebody’s firearms rights temporarily removed,” Robin Lloyd, director of government affairs at the Giffords Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence said. “It really is filling a gap in our laws by giving law enforcement and families a tool that they otherwise don’t have.”

At the same time, Governor Rauner signed into law a provision requiring a 72 hour waiting period before purchasing any gun in the state of Illinois. 

The following Illinois Republicans supported the "Lethal Violence Order of Protection Act": Andersson, Batinick, Bellock, Brady, Breen, Durkin, David Harris, Hays, McAuliffe, McDermed, Morrison, Olsen, Pritchard, Reick, Sauer, Spain, Stuart, Wehrli, Welter, Barbara Wheeler,  Keith Wheeler and Winger. 

Of the 32 House members that opposed the measure, one – Costello – was a Democrat.

Screen Shot 2018-08-03 at 10.26.14 AM

Republican Senators Althoff, Connelly, Curran, McConnaughay, Nybo, Oberweis, Rezin and Rooney joined the Democrats supporting HB 2354.

Screen Shot 2018-08-03 at 10.57.45 AM



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  1. This seems like a “feel good law.” Like Bob said, where is the due process?
    The red flag in Chicago is “known gang members” along with anybody connected with them like family members. If we took their guns away there could be a 100% decrease in shootings.
    Lets focus on the criminals. I never hear anybody talk about going after criminals.
    Stop and frisk is a better law enforcement tool then trying to guess which legal gun owners might commit a crime.
    We need to support the police.

  2. They had due process.. The courts found them dangerous to themselves and OTHERS…
    get a grip. This is aimed at CRIMINALS, MENTALLY ILL and DOMESTIC ABUSERS .. proven in court. done. no guns for people like this…

  3. ps… like voting 🙂 the purchase of guns should come with purchaser proving their American citizenship FIRST! Papers please….
    good enough for voting. good enough for the purchase of firearms.

  4. So 200 guns were taken but no crimes were committed
    I think arresting 200 known gang members in chicago along serious persecutions and jail sentences will save far more lives.
    These so called dangerous people who the guns were taken from are still on the street and could find a new weapon of choice. Seems like just another feel good law and a gun grab., I believe there are already laws in place for this.
    All a waste of time and energy to grab son cheap headlines
    That’s the “red flag” here.

  5. Your hypocritical ilk wants id’s for voting. But none for buying guns… why? Why the double standard. Aren’t you afraid of guns getting into the hands of illegal immigrants? no id requirement let that happen DAILY.
    Both rights are for US CITIZENS ONLY. If IDs for voting work so so well. Let do it for guns too!!!
    Its the conservative WAY!!! Citizens only get constitutional rights.
    Argue why this shouldn’t be…..

  6. the subject of the order is INSANE. you get that right? you support insane people having guns? really?
    I tell you whats a sign of totaliritan state. ICE agents entering premises without identifying themselves, without warrents, breaking laws with because they are above the law JUST LIKE the Russian secret police
    First ICE came for the illegals and I apppauded and said nothing.
    Them ICE came for the Free Press and I applauded and said nothing.
    Then ICE went after the Democrats and I applauded and said nothing…
    then they came for me……